5/14 Contemporary DVC Tower, CBR Pool, T-Rex Photos!


In case anyone is interested:

MouseSteps - Park/Resort Updates

Here is a photo from the CBR pool rehab:



Great pictures!!
I haven’t seen any of the construction at the Contemp.
I have a stupid question…what is that red thing that goes up to the building…is that a walkway or a monorail track??


Thanks for posting your link! It was great to see those photos!


You are welcome! I have been posting CR pics since last year - the red thing is the walkway to the main building. :slight_smile:



Wow! I didn’t realize they were doing quite that much of an overhaul on the CBR pool!

Thanks for the pics…I always feel like I’m “in the loop” thanks to your pics! :laugh:


Yes, the CBR pool is down for a few more months (I believe through September!)

And you are welcome! I don’t tend to post updates here, but I do them usually ever 7 - 10 days.



That’s the walkway.


I just noticed also that T-Rex is already hiring for managers:

AOL ::: Find Jobs - Front, Kitchen, and Retail Management—Open House Jobs in Orlando, FL - T-REX restaurant


That’s what I figured but I couldn’t tell!
Thanks for those…that is really awesome!! I bookedmarked your sight since I’ve been going there so much in the past few days anyway!:laugh:


Thanks for the great pics . . . it is AMAZING how quickly they put things up . . . isn’t it?


Wow major refurb for CBR pool- can’t wait to see the finished product.


What great photos! I love the new DVC stand.


WOW!! :ohmy: They’ve accomplished so much @CR since Dec!!!

CBR main pool, I love the pics of the “new” pool, it looks banging! :cool: :happy: Can’t wait to show DD!!! But if feels like they are taking sooooo Loooong there!

thanks for posting the pics!


Thanks everyone! The CR has changed very much since late last year - I know in November it was only a few stories at most.

The CBR pool isn’t slated to be done until September, I believe. I’m sure it will be wonderful when it is!



Cool. I can’t wait to see how the CBR pool looks when it gets completed!