550 Point to Rent/Transfer


171 OKW points for rent or Transfer.

These are for use year beginning 4/1/10 that we can borrow into our 4/1/09 use year and use between 4/1/09 and 3/31/10.

If you are looking to travel next year these are for you.

Would like to get $11.00 per point.

Thank you.



Don’t need them, but I figured I would bump your thread and maybe bring you some luck with getting them rented!


I am looking to rent 314 points to reserve a 2bdr villa at Wilderness Lodge from February 7, 2009 to February 14, 2009. Please advise if you still have points available. j.a.lester@sbcglobal.net


Updated Listing based on Successful Renting.


You may want to just post how many points you have left since your edit really doesn’t show up.


WHat does it mean when you say “transfer” points?


That means you call DVC and have them transfer the points to my account. I get total control over them. DVC limits us to one transfer a year.


When a transfer is done, is money exchanged as well? Or do people just transfer points that they can’t use so someone else can use them? WHy wouldn’t they just bank them for another year?


It’s the same as renting so money can trade hands. If they expire before I can go back I may transfer them so I can at least get some money for them. It’s an easy way to ‘rent’ them because then I don’t have to make the reservation for a non-member. Once I call DVC I’m done with them and I don’t have a reservation to make or manage.


Ohhhhh! Thanks for the explanation! I still feel like I am learning moe about the DVC everyday!