5th Anniversary Trip Report


Hello Everyone,
This is my first TR.


My family always went to WDW every year and I did the CP(94). Monica’s first trip was when I took her down to propose and celebrate her 25th Bday. We stayed at WL. I proposed while while she was dropping a coin in Snow White’s wishwell to the right of the castle. The next day we went to the Wedding Pavillion and looked at locations. We decided on Sunset Pointe. We were married 10-29-02 at 11am, which turned out to be a record setting temperature day for that date.

DAY 1—First trip without our children
Our 645 am airtran flight from Pittsburg was 20 minutes late taking off. And our connecting flight from Atlanta left on time, but landed 20 minutes early…go figure. It was our first time using ME. We were checked in and leaving the airport for the Poly in 12 minutes. The stops at WL, Contemporary, & GF went quick. We were checking into our room by 12:30 and our room was ready. I was having a GREAT feeling about our luck for this trip.
Got to run…will continue tonight and will try to add pics.

The Angoffs
Next trip
11/30/08-12/07/08 DS, will be 2 during trip, 1st trip—DD(4) 3rd trip–WL


AAAh!!! Another teaser!!!:laugh: :laugh: Can’t wait for the rest of your TR:happy:


Can’t wait for more. Sounds nice already. Congrats on Anniversary. We want pictures!!!:laugh:


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Great background. :wink: Can’t wait to hear all of the special details of your trip.


OK everyone…kids are asleep and wife is out of town on business. This is her on the phone now. I will type more after the call.


Continuing from day one…
We go over to Guest Relations and get our Hoop-Dee-Doo tickets. The show has been a must for us on every trip. DD saw her first show when she was 18 months and loves it!! Sorry, back to the report. As we are walking thru the lobby, wife has to hit the gift shop. After $120 we are off to the room. THe stores will be a continuing topic.
Our room was 2204 in Aotearoa. Just your standard garden view on the second floor three down from the outside stairs. I felt the hallway needed alittle work, but still nice and the soft hawian music puts you in the island mood. Before entering Monica took the traditional “door” picture. Once inside the room was beautiful. I have now stayed in all three room decors thru the years and must say…this is the best hands down. Wife loved the room. Of course we had afew slight issues which I will discuss in the wrap-up. Unpacked cloths and headed to MK for the traditional Citrus Swirl. I know they don’t make the “traditional” one anymore, but they can in a way. Got on monorail and the attendants saw our anniversary buttons and asked us if we would like to ride with the pilot. I of course thought, NO BRAINER, but then the dad in me say how excited a british family got when they heard about riding in the front and we thanked the attendants and gave up the front for the family. The attendants were so surprised they gave us a “magical” certificate, which was GREAT.
Alittle advise…if you want the CM to say hi to you…wear a special occassion button. I can say this trip really made me feel ALL the magic again and reassured me that WDW customer service is getting incredible again.
It seems I go off topic alot. I will get better. Just tried to add pics and the upload of file failed. Any help would be appreciated.


I think perhaps your pictures are too big. Try to resize them, then attach them.

Don’t worry about going off topic, we love trip reports, no matter what! Congrats on your 5th wedding anniversary, by the way. :slight_smile:


GOt in MK and immediatley got photo pass card with picture in front of train station with mickey head in grass made out of pumpkins. YES…we bought the DVD. Walk in and the minute I hear the train and “now boarding the …” my heart leaps and I know I am home again. I am jonesing for a citrus swirl, but I know I am going passed the shops. Monica cannot go passed one, afraid she’ll miss something. So after the 30 minute walk down main street it’s by CP and wave at pooh to Adventureland. Get to Sunshine Terrace and ask for a half orange slush and half soft serve vanilla ice cream. I thought this one once i heard that they stopped making them this way. I still hope they will bring back the little plastic oranges you got orange juice in when the stand and Tiki Room were sponsored by the Florida Citrus Growers. Got my fix and off to HM. It was NO WAIT. Love the additional, but Monica liked them more then I did. After HM, off to SM. Fast pass was for in 50 minutes and stand-by was only 20 minutes. So stand-by it was.
Monica thought about getting wet and I was like I normally never get wet on here and if I do it is bearly. Mistake #1. Got to the top of the lift from the station in front of main drop outside and the sprayer that NEVER works, suddenly decided to go ahead. So within the first 1 minute of the ride I was wet. And on the final drop the large gentleman in front of me decided to duck and I looked like I was one of the kids playing in the water tiles at Epcot. Monica just laughed as her side of the log looked like we weren’t even on the same ride. She of course had to now have the picture.
We knew we had to get to the front to head to HDD @ FW, but as she said, he have time to go thru a few shops along the way. Another 3 digit drop and we make it to FW. It is now 6:45 and we check-in and get picture taken. Right after picture, it decides to rain for about 20 minutes and that means…trading post here we come. I bought 2 pins here.
Continue tomorrow. GOOD NIGHT


Still Day 1…
We get into HDD and get the same table we have now had three times out of the last 5. It is the center table on the second floor. It’s right behind the spotlight person. Food was incredible as always. Monica got picked to go up on stage at the end. She laughed the whole time, it was priceless for me. Only complaint I have is that the pictures they take didn’t come in any other size then 4 x 6. They used to include a magnet, 2 wallets, and a 4 x 6. We didn’t want a 4 x 6, so we decided against the pictures this trip…that is the first time we have done that. After the show, we took boat back to Contemporary and monorail back to room for the night. EPCOT day 2.


Day 2----EPCOT-----FOOD & WINE—YAH!!!
7 am and stitch is calling. We get ready and head out. I am already thinking of all the samples this day has in store. On the way to the monorail, Monica grabs a blueberry muffin from the Kona Cafe stand beside the restaurant and monorails here we come. We get to EPCOT right at 9. Of course, we once again, stop for photo pics in front of Spaceship Earth. This was the first time for her to see Spaceship Earth as it was meant to be seen.

More to come…off to meeting


Sounds like a fun first day. I look forward to reading the rest.


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Love your trip report cant wait for more


SORRY…by hectic last few days.

We head to Soaring, of course! Get fast-pass for 9:10-10:10. Wait is only 5 minutes so get in line and go on and then use fastpass. We both love this ride. Go on listen to the land and it just isn’t the same without the guide. Head to The seas w/Nemo. LOVE the new addition. We stayed for 30 minutes in “Seabase Alpha”, so Monica could watch the dolphin training excerise. Then headed to TT, but guess what is along the way…THAT’S right…mousegear. After 20 minutes, I went and got fastpasses for 11:30-12:30. Monica was excited thinking she could stay in mousegear the whole time. I laughed and after another 20 minutes, we were off to Mission Space. I didn’t put that we made purchases, due to the fact, I just assumed you figured it out. Monica doesn’t think much of mission and I like it. We head to TT and use fastpass and I spent the next 15 minutes after the ride in the Buick Enclave trying to talk Monica into going home and purchasing one. GUYS, you can guess how that went.
We both got hungry and Monica knew I was yearning for “The Booths”. So she asked if I was ready for WS. We headed towards Canada.


Sounds great! Keep it coming any pic’s.:mickey:


I won’t include all the tasty details, but here were the favorites:
Ice Wine—Canada, Salmon—Canada, Buffalo----Oklahoma, Ribs----USA, shrimp on the barbie----Australia, Moscoto----Italy, EVERY Country’s BEER, & apple strudel----Germany. Let me tell you, it gets expensive. I do have to say that the snack part of meal deal works GREAT though. We ate at Teppan Edo and it was packed. This was in the top 5 places in “the world” to eat, according to Monica. After eating inthe new restaurant it is now in second place. I cannot expressed how they have made a great restuarant better, but leave it to Disney. After dinner we listened to…The Village People. We could not believe how many people were watining to see them. You’d have thought we were back in the late 70’s/early 80’s. The line to get into the theater was as long as it is for CP. We listened for three songs and off for more drinks. I must say that Italy’s Moscato is the best…I usually drink roughly 2 bottles myself during our trips. The one complaint I have is they don’t sell it in the store. We headed back to the Poly for the night and went swimming for about 30 minutes then off to bed.

Day 3 coming & magic awaits!!!


I am at work, but will be posting some pics. I guess I need to make them smaller since I cannot get them to post.


Day 3------Stitch says time to wake up
I get up at 6 and off for a jog. Little rough as I didn’t jog the last 2 days. Get back to the room at 6:45, shower, then wake Monica up at 7. We have 7:45 Kona Cafe reservations. Tonga Toast here I come. GREAT as always! We are on our way to AK then DS, Ohana, & DD. Get to AK @ 9:10 and the customary photopass picture. We get in and head to EE for the first journey up the mountain for us. I am like a kid in a candy store. We get fast pass and it is for 10:15-11:15. The line is 20 minutes. We decide to head to safari and I must say GREAT choice by Monica. We get in line(stated 15 minutes) and it takes 10. As we are getting off, I about die, there is the MAGICAL DREAMTEAM. I didn’t thing we would see them. We get dream pins. Monica was wishing, along with everyone else, for the castle stay. I am just happy we say them. It is now 10 and Monica sees shops. Walk thru the shops and doesn’t find anything that we are without. Head to EE, and the fastpass is now 1:40-2:40 and we get another. This is hands down, the best ride. Monica bought a shirt for DD for next year. Plan out the rest of the day with Nemo(cute), rest of AK and EE. Head to DS…


Enjoying your TR so far, can’t wait for the pics! I’m from Pitsburgh too, Timon. We always love to get away in November, what a great time of year to go, just when it starts to get cold here.:laugh: