6 person family/suggestions


I haven’t been on here in several years. This sight helped me plan my trip back in 2008 and it was wonderful. My family grew in size as I had another baby and now my younger kids are now older so I am looking for suggestions on how to go about booking another visit for a larger family on a budget. Last time I made out as my youngest was just under 3 and we had the free dining plan and I think I paid 1800 bucks for all 5 of us. My kids are now 15, 13, 9, and 8 weeks. Any recommendations as far as cheaper way to do resort, etc and tickets…thanks a million!


We routinely take 6…we have done family suite once. It was ok and kept everyone together. The last time we did six we actually just chose to do two connecting rooms at an all star and it was cheaper and better all around.

Of course, timing is everything…but it is going to be HARD to pay $1800 again.


Yeah I don’t think so either. I really lucked out back in 2008 when I got it for 1800 and I think I had free dining then too. and it looks like prices have went up since then quite a bit.


OKW!!! Beautiful, beautiful resort :slight_smile: 2 bedroomed apt


The 2 sugestions of connecting rooms at a Value or renting DVC points from a MB member is the way to go. Traveling with 5 was crazy until went to an option that included 2 bathrooms. Many tines renting points for a 2BR DVC unit costs the same as 2 rooms at a Value.
If free dining is mandatory then a 2 room Value is the way to go. If free dining is not traditionally offered during your planned visit then I would rent points. The extra space with a kitchen, living room and the 2 BR is well worth it so everyone can spread out.


Pam & Rich - I have TRIED to get quotes on renting and his never been close to values…maybe i just talked to wrong people

bu renting points will take you out of the free dining offers will it not


Send a PM to Dana - she’s our resident Disney Agent and you will get superior service and all the advice you could ever need or want. She can answer any
questions you have. She just completed plans for our daughter and a friend (the friend lives in England, we’re in Canada) and it was totally stress-free. She’s taken care of everything.


If you plan to rent points they usually go between $10 to $13 per point. How many points you will need depends on where you stay and time of year. I would recommend Old Key West. Its the lowest point resort and the rooms are huge. There are point charts online so you can do a little homework to get an idea of how much. Then purchase tickets through Undercover Tourist. There’s a small discount and taxes are included in the price. Sign up for Mousesavers.com newsletter for the best discount. Or…save yourself the stress and let Dana find you the best Disney deal!


Others have mentioned good options. We have also rented a house near Disney as we had loads of space and could have a couple of meals at home. It worked for us and we would do it again.


The most economical version is two connecting rooms at All Star Sports in a standard room.


We travel with five (17, 14 and 10) and have connecting rooms at value and moderate. I would say that it wasn’t worth the extra dollars for us to stay moderate. We prefer Pop for the value.