6 weeks


I can’t believe it! We leave for WDW in 6 short (I hope) weeks. I’ve obviously made my resort reservation and all my ADR’s. I picked up a book and read it cover to cover. I bought new luggage for my daughter. I have started putting things aside like suntan lotion. We’re scheduled for haircuts in a few weeks. Besides packing, what else should I be thinking of getting done?

When should I make my room request? I have meds that need a fridge so I have to call about that. I think I am going to request 50’s section (staying at POP). We have our tickets because I booked the whole package deal. I’ve never gone on vacation where I have to be the one in charge so I don’t want to forget any details. Any tips are more than welcome. Thanks


wow! Seems to me like you are totally in charge of things and have no need to panic about a thing. 6 weeks with go by so fast- I am jealous! :laugh: As far as requesting a room goes, I thought i read a thread not so long ago where someone wrote that the resorts no longer accept room requests? I may be wrong and have imagined it but I am 80% sure I saw this somewhere on MB. We have always e-mailed our request in the past and have only ever gotten the building we requested I think maybe once-but that was about 4 years ago. As far as requesting a fridge however, I guess I would make that call now and then double check it again jsut before you leave. Have a wonderful time :happy:


OMGosh, how exciting. You’re on the right track, so to speak. There isn’t much else you can do right now, really.

Room requests are hit and miss. I wouldn’t bother with it, they really don’t have time to look at that unless you’re traveling with a person that needs to be on the ground floor or you’ll need a handicap room. You can always request an area when you check in.


HEy Kim,
Request your room right away. I requested the 50’s section lady building. Ill be there the same time as you so perhaps we would run into each other. Ill be the one with the little blonde probally wearing a jasmine costume for 9 days straight :laugh: (she may refuse to take it off)
Call them now and request your room AND your ice box.

Oh… and I request rooms ALL THE TIME and was NEVEr let down.


I’ve also always requested a particular building and have never been disappointed. I do my request at the time I make my reservation and then confirm this request (yes, I know it’s not a guarantee) when I call to confirm my ADR’s. As for the fridge, I’d call for that now too.