65 hours until 2 and a half weeks of DISNEY


3 shifts left of work then off to the World for two and a half weeks of celebrating our DD sweet 16th birthday


AWESOME… Time is going to fly and you will be leaving before you know it. I love that you are going to be in the magic for 2 1/2 weeks…WOW!


we will try to post TR, staying POR for a week then offsite for the rest
of the vacation. Driving form Canada 22-24 hours.
Hitting the American Grils store near Atlanta first then DISNEY


Do you need directions to the American Girl store-or did I give you those already? Have a safe trip going down… and stay on I-75 south going through Atlanta, don’t take the bypass…

Have a great 2 1/2 weeks…


We do have your directions and THX
Neighbours went down a few weeks ago and used them they were GREAT

We should be at the mall by 11:00 am on Saturday

Thx again


change that 64 hours until we leave


Almost 63 now daddy :wink:


update…57 hours until departure


Have fun!!!


Hitting the American Grils store near Atlanta first then DISNEY[/QUOTE]

LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in New York…have fun…:heart:


We would love to hit that one but its too far off the path…the store in Atlanta is small but its better than none which is what we have in Canada.


Have a great trip! Can’t wait to read you TR and take lots of pictures!!


45 hours until Disney Bound…



you are all too funny!!! its like the commercial where the boy cant sleep & is saying ‘but im too excited to sleep’…thent he dad does the same thing.
i would be doing the same thing though!!


40 hours to go roughly 12 of those at work.

sleeping is harder with all the anticipation.


Have a wonderful trip!