7 1/2 days at WDW w/5 yr old DD


We will be arriving in Orlando around 2:30 on 1-29, therefore we have Saturday night available. We have an 8 day park hopper and are leaving early Sunday 2-5. I was just wondering if any of you with young children could give me an idea of how many days we should plan at each park. For instance, is 1 at EPCOT enough? 1 at AK? I am not a psycho planner, but would like to have an idea. My DD enjoys rides, shows, etc. Nothing too wild or too scary, but for the most part she is adventerous. Just looking for a little advice. We intend to hit the 4 parks and DTD. Thanks.


I would say you could definately do AK in one day - it closes at 5:00 usually (except for EMH) and so that is really a half day. Epcot takes the longest to walk through in my opinion. The attractions are long and the country pavillions have so many things to see - we usually take 2-3 (half) days to do Epcot. MK is where we spend most of our time with our 3 1/2 year old. He likes to ride everything in Fantasy Land a few times in a row and such. We really spend at least part of everyday here. MGM I would say could be done in 1 day but is so much fun I would take 2 at the least. Not as much for younger kids as adults but very fun! We spend everyday in 2 parks usually to break it up. One in the morning, then maybe try to rest and then one in the evening. I pay attention to EMH and try to plan accordingly. DTD can be seen in a couple of hours and we like to do this as a nightime event. Sometimes I even go myself while DH takes DS to pool. I have never been to WDW in January but we are going the week before you this year and I have heard that it is very “un-crowded” - let’s keep our fingers crossed!! This makes getting around and seeing everything you want to a lot easier!! Good LUCK and have fun!!! :wub:


I would say it depends on what your DD likes- We have friends with an 8 year old DS and a 4 year old DD and they spend at least 2 days in AK because their kids like the animals so much.

I have an 8 year old DS and a 5 year old DD and we spend 1 day in AK, 2 days in Epcot, 2 days in MGM, and 2 days in MK, but we split them up. We may go to MGM in the morning, then to Epcot for Dinner, etc.


It really all depends on the child and what they want to do.
My DD could do AK and Epcot(Getting stamps) in 1/2 day each and then we could spend the rest of the time at DS and MK where is more her speed. But every child is different and we have a great zoo here in Omaha so there is no need to watch the animals.


I would spend several days at magic kingdom, perhaps 2 at AK, one at epcot, one at MGM and play the rest by ear. Go back and visit her favorites on your other days.


We did MK, MK, Epcot, AK, MGM, MK
We did not have time to do parks on the first and last days of our trip. I was very happy with the way it turned out.


Our DD turns 4 in January, so she’s a little younger than yours, but we’ve found that both AK and Disney Studios take about a half day each with her. Day and a half for Epcot and day and a half to two days for MK. We try to alternate the harder core full days at Epcot/MK with the lighter days at one of the other parks so we can all get some rest or visit other areas, like the Boardwalk or DD.

I hope that helps.