7 day countdown to begin finally


We will be arriving next Sunday afternoon at our timeshare just south of Disney for a wonderful well deserved break from work. I have just gotten home from my 15th straight day of work. I have four days left to go. one 8hour day and 2, 12hour days and one day that will be between 12 to 16hours depending on how we shut the factory down. That means 19 straight days of work puting in close to 200hours in just under 3weeks. Tired just does not cut it anymore numb is more like it. Thank God I have been labor training a new hire for the last week and a half for my regular days.
The family is ready to go we are wanting some warmer weather,the girls just can’t wait they are more excited about the trip I think than Christmas. My oldest DD will turn 10 will we are there and the DW has the two girls a big surpise for the day for the 3 of them a my disney prefectly little tea party res. at the GF. and we will be Doing New Years eve at MK.
I will try to get more on a trip Itenary up before we go. The best I can with working it in between Sleep and Work.
A Merry Chistmas to ALL.


sounds like a much deserved vacation! Hope your having fun…Happy New Year


I guess you will leave this afternoon, enjoy your break!


I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!


Have a wonderful trip- a TR would be just the ticket when you come back please.


Have a great time not working and playing with Mickey and friends.


Have a magical trip for those of us who still have to wait:pirate:



Thank you to all We finally got home I am still trying to recover for work tomorrow we My DW and myself came back with colds so I ran the daycare today for here with only 2hours sleep I am just now unwinding and getting ready for sleep I will get a trip report up soon.