7 days, 3 of us, 4 parks, 1 world = 1 perfectly, magical TR!


Okay…I am ready to attempt a TR of sorts…I decided months ago that I would do more of a “daily short list” with photos type of report.

So…here goes!

First off, let me start by saying…this was a fantastic, wonderful, magical trip…we had an awesome time…and look forward to going back next year…it seems each trip just gets better and better!!

Dec. 12-19
Cast: Chottsy( me), DH (Paul), & DD(Megan 5yo)

Day 1 ~ Drive Down & Check into POFQ,
~diner at Baotwright’s at POR, with carriage ride afterward.

We had a long 7 hr. drive…we left our house at 5:30 am.
When we arrived at POFQ we checked in quickly as there was not a line and our room was ready!

We LOVED the resort and the room was great! We were in building 2, in a ground floor room.

We took the boat to POR to have diner at Boatwright’s. We arrived a bit early and did some touring of that resort and their gift shop. I noticed a lot of rowdy teens, some type of sports thing going on…they were not at POFQ, thank goodness!:blink:

Megan was chosen to ring the diner bell at Boatwright’s! She got up on the little steps there and clanged away at the triangle and announced it was time for diner. She was glad to be chosen, but didn’t want to keep the souvenir workman’s hat…she said it was “too boyish”. :laugh:

The diner was delicious and we got our feet wet using the DP!! (love it…the DP!)

After diner we took the carriage ride through POFQ & POR resorts. It was wonderful. Our horse was “Dan” and he trotted along and Megan was delighted at every clippity-clop of his hooves.

We took the boat back to POFQ and called it a night.

This was the start of a wonderful vacation!

(Paul took this picture…driver’s seat of carriage and horse’s rear-end!lol…at least he got me & Megan in the pic!:laugh:)


Day 2 ~ Magic Kingdom

We arrived super early for MK…so we took the monorail on a full route tour. We got off at the Grand Floridian, and check out teh gingerbread house, and their gift shop!

We road Splash Mnt. 3 times…this was a huge deal for us…the last 2 years we have been to WDW, Splash has been down for referb…Megan had never road it. Well, needless to say…we all LOVED it!

Megan took to pin trading like a seasoned trader.

We did not have any long waits, by using FP to our advantage we walked on most rides, those that we chose to do stand-by, we only waited about 10 -15 minutes at the most.

We ended the evening with diner at LLT. The food was excellent and the service was good. We later rated this meals as one of our top 3!


Day 3 ~ Magic Kingdom

We had low crowds again!

We were at the park at 9am, and ready at the rope drop at ToonTown at 10am. We made a mad dash for the fairie’s autographs…and we were glad we did. It was a wonderful character experience and we beat the crowd!

We had an early diner at Crystal Palace. The food was not so great, but the character interaction was good. Tigger made on over us a good bit, due to Paul’s shirt! It was fun!

We road Splash Mnt. a few times. When it was our last ride for the day we asked to sit in the front row…we got a great picture of us and we ordered it!

We finished off the night with a swim in the pool at the resort, where we all had fun on the serpent slide!


I will be back tomorrow to do more…Day 4 we got to AK for the 1st time…and finally experience some heavy crowds! but still managed to work the park with ease!


Oh I am glad you’re posting a trip report.
The pictures are great.
Say, chottsy, is Megan wearing one of those mickey bracelets? I have one in rainbow colors :mickey:


Great TR- keep it coming!


Great TR! I didn’t like CP last time I was there as well. Love the SM pic. I love to order the pics on most of the rides. I usually set a budget just for that. Can’t wait to read some more


I love your pics, especially at LTT! I am glad you had a good meal there, it’s always been a favrite of mine but there were a couple years when the food was definately lacking. It was GREAT though when we were there in Oct.

Can’t wait to see the rest!


Wonderful trip report so far. I can’t wait to hear more!


okay onto day 4…

Day 4 ~ Animal Kingdom

The layout of the park took a bit of getting used to, but once we figured it out, we got around with ease, even though there were LOTS of crowds!

We started the day off with a ride through the safari. We saw all kinds of animals, but the baby giraffe with it’s daddy was the highlight. Precious!

Then onto breakfast at Donald’s Safari at Tuskar House. (10:30) The food was good, not great, but good. We didn’t get to see Goofy, although he was there…he never made it to our table and we were done eating and waited another 10 minutes…since we had seen him the night before, we called it good and went on our way. Honestly, there was not alot of character interaction at this meal…they all seemed to be in quite a hurry. But we did get pics. and hugs, without having to stand in a meet & greet line…so can’t really complain about it!lol

Megan LOVED the Lion King show. Paul & I LOVED the Nemo show, both of us teared up at times during the show…it was FANTASTIC!

We had the chicken fried rice from Yak & Yeti (1 snack credit) for late lunch…it was yummy!

We all road Everest…Megan LOVED it! I was too worried about her during the ride to enjoy it as much as I would have , had I known she has a "need for speed"lol! We only road it once, but will definitely ride it a few times next trip.

We took an evening break at the resort. Showered, relaxed, had diner in the food court. …Philly cheese steaks…they were tastey.

The we were off to MK for Spectro and Wishes. Both were great…totally worth the effort of getting back to the park for the feeling Wishes gives you!


[QUOTE=Dopey;915390]Oh I am glad you’re posting a trip report.
The pictures are great.
Say, chottsy, is Megan wearing one of those mickey bracelets? I have one in rainbow colors :mickey:[/QUOTE]

yes it is a mickey bracelet!! she found it at the Grand Floridian gift shop…she found her mickey ears there too.

i ended up wearing it most of the day though…it started to bug her…so i was happy to wear it for her!:angel:


Great TR and photos! Waiting to read more.


Day 5 ~ Disney Hollywood Studios : DHS

We were there at rope drop…we headed straight to Toy Story…got a FP for later & road it right then with little wait, then came back and road it again using the FP. Super fun!

Beauty & the Beast show was wonderful! I loved the costumes that the napkins wore, just beautiful! (wish I had gotten pics…but oh well, there’s always next time!)

We all road TOT…Paul loved it…Megan & I did not! Just not our kind of ride…way too intense!:blow:

We got a great spot for the Block Party Bash parade. Right on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, right up front on the curb! We interacted with the “actors” and “directors” in the street…they are so funny. We were pulled out to dance with the partying CM’s…it was such fun!!!

We had lunch at the ABC Commissary, Megan had a burger, Paul & I had Cuban Sands. ~ we both really enjoyed the Cubans.

We had the Fantasmic diner pkg. at Hollywood and Vine. The food was okay…lots of salads, but the atmosphere was not great. We will opt. for Mama’s next time.

We had never seen Fantasmic…it was fantastic! lol


DD’s face is so cute on Splash Mountain!!! Like “Wow!” :laugh:

Loving the pictures!


What a wonderful TR so far! Your DD is adorable. I love all your photos of everything you did, makes me excited about our upcoming trip too.

I noticed you said you went swimming in the evening, just wondering how warm was is at night while you were there?


[QUOTE=mickeymotto;915488]What a wonderful TR so far! Your DD is adorable. I love all your photos of everything you did, makes me excited about our upcoming trip too.

I noticed you said you went swimming in the evening, just wondering how warm was is at night while you were there?[/QUOTE]


it was in the high 50’s at night while we were there. but the pool is heated and it was not bad if you stayed in the water. getting out and going up the stairs to the slide it was a bit chilly though…not too bad.


Day 6 ~ Magic Kingdom & Epcot

We got to Magic Kingdom about 9am and left about 1:30pm. We did all our favorites and enjoyed the nice weather and easy crowds.

We went back to our resort to relax and get dressed for the Princess Storybook diner at Epcot that evening.

We arrived at Epcot about 3:45 and did Nemo, Figment, road the ride in Mexico and the one in Norway. We took in Norway’s Christmas around the world production and then we checked in for diner at Akerhus.

This was by far the best meal we had. We loved all the appetizers and the pork shank we each ordered was FABULOUS! For as many mixed reviews about the food here…it was right up our alley!

Megan enjoyed meeting all the princesses. Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and Alice were all there!

Afterward we saw the most amazing Illuminations fireworks production! They added at the end a special “holiday” portion…and it was so emotionally moving. This was the best fireworks / visual nighttime show we saw. It beat out Fantasmic and Wishes…it was just awesome!

After Illuminations, we headed back to our resort and crashed…another magical day in Disney!


Day 7 ~ Magic Kingdom

This was our last day.:sad:
So we hit all our faves…multiple times.

We went to the Judges Tent and saw Arora…we had not seen her yet, and we also road Goofy’s Barnstormer for the umptenth time!LOL

We saw a moma duck and her babies in Adventure Land.

We saw Mary Poppins on Mainstreet.

We enjoyed the afternoon parade.

Enjoyed Columbia Harbor House for lunch and had diner at Tony’s Town Square. Both were delicious.

we finished off the day with a trip to the Confectionery to use up our leftover snack credits. We brought home some tastey treats for my mom & sis…as well as a couple for ourselves!

We headed back to our resort and spent some more time in the pool and on the slide. We went back to our room and I packed everything up. We didn’t want to have anythign to do in the morning except to get dresses and grab a bite to eat before leaving.


a couple more pics. from our last day…


just going to finish off my TR, with a few more pics.

these are just some shots of Splash Mnt.