7 days to China


Hi Every and Happy holidays!
We have 7 days left until China, which we will get to spend one day at Disneyland in Hong Kong.
We are very excited to get this experience, and can not wait to share our adventure!

We fly out on January 4th and arrive on the 6th!!!( my life will never include a January 5th, it is lost in the time change)

Although it looks as Disneyland in Honk Kong, has very few different attractions, the layout looks incredible, situated between the huge mountains, we will take many pictures!

A happy and healthy New yEARS to all!


Have a good time! I’m looking forward to the pictures :mickey:


oooh awesome!!! You must be so excited! :smile: yes, take TONS of pics for us at DC, someone (who is good with computers) will have to make you an offical plaque saying you were the first DCer to visit Hong Kong Disneyland!


Have a great time! Make sure you take some great pics and give a good TR. I’ve been to Asia once, and it was an amazing experience. Enjoy!


You are SO lucky. I hope you have a GREAT trip. How many of the Disney parks have you been to so far? I ask because it’s my goal to see all of them someday. So far I’ve been to WDW and Disneyland Paris. 2 down, 3 to go…

Have a great trip. I can’t wait to see your pics.


Wow, that’s so amazing that you get to experience Disneyland Hong Kong! I cannot wait to see the pictures and read a trip report! Hope you have a magical time! :mickey:


i can’t wait to hear all about your trip and to see pics. have a safe trip and enjoy your time at DLHK.


Have a great time and Happy New Year!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pics too:)


I have been to Mainland China twice, and enjoyed every minute of both trips. Where are you going?


China is on my list of places to go…someday I’ll get there (DH has been to HK and one city in mainland China).
I can’t wait for the report–have a safe and fun time :mickey:


Wow - I hope you have a wonderful time - please give us a TR when you get back and let us know how different it is than in the states!!


What a wonderful time you will have. Congratulations and I will be waiting to read all about it and see your pictures.