7 more days!


7 more days!!! Til WDW for 4 days!!! Hubby and I are getting so excited !!!


Congrats I am soo excited for you only a week left!!! Unfortunately I still have a lot longer to go, so I will be expecting a TR when you get back to help me get through, lol. I hope you have a great time, but really how can you not in the Happiest Place on Earth?


I am excited for you. I know you’ve posted here and there, but I cannot remember if you told us where you’ll be staying.
Have you packed?


I am also excited for you I hope you have an extremly magical time…I unfortunately have at lest 5 more months to wait…


We went thru a website called orlando vacations.com and we are staying at The Royal Plaza Hotel for UNDER 80.00 a night and buying 3 day FL Res tix for 129.00 each and one of my days is my BIRTHDAY So Im using that to put towards my Photo Pass. I see the pre sale of the Photo Pass for like 99.00 but I wont have that until I get to the park and get my Birthday Compted and then buy it . If I have enough before I go then I will buy it online and get it . But Im so excited I can just squeel:huh:


Sounds like fun! Hope you have a wonderful trip and a marvelous birthday!