7 night minimum stay -- Help please!


We will be returning from a 7 night cruise on March 8th. Our plan was to stay in the Cocoa Beach area and spend some time enjoying the beach for 4 nights before flying home. I went to book the hotel we wanted today and found out their minimum booking is for 7 nights!

Can anyone suggest a nice family friendly beach hotel in the Cocoa Beach area?

It doesn’t have to be Cocoa Beach, but on the east coast of Florida would be nice.

I’m still floating around the idea of going to Disney for the 4 nights, but I’ve priced it and it comes out to $1800 for 4 nights with tickets! I don’t think that is in the budget.

Any help/advice is appreciated from my fellow MouseBuzzers!



Hi. Ron Jon has a hotel there and it’s very nice and reasonably priced. The actual name of the hotel is Ron Jon Cape Caibe Resort. Also another hotel there Cocoa Beach Oceanside Inn is very nice as well. Good Luck and have a nice time on the cruise and the FL beaches.


Hi Kiki- you might be able to get a slightly better deal if you want to stay on property. Check out mousesavers.com for great info on discounts. See what you can find there!


I saw the Ron Jon hotel in the Passporter and thought it looked nice. Have you stayed there?

I have to call and check on the rates though. The book says as low as $110, but online it shows $240! Thanks for the info!


I have not stayed at the Ron Jon however my sister has and they LOVED it, and if I’m not mistaken have actually stayted twice. Before that one was built they always stayed at the Oceanside Inn and I’ve also stayed there and it was quite lovely. All in a good area of the strip of hotels. That strip of hotels is kind of split between two ends and those are definately on the good end. If you’re on the other end the hotels are real dives and all in real need of some serious repair.


It’s the start of spring break and Easter. That’s why the higher rates and minimum stay although 7 days is a bit much!


Good piece of information! I have never visited Cocoa beach, so I know absolutely nothing about where the nice hotels are.

I’ve been reading some reviews on tripadvisor and I’m wondering what this “red tide” is? Sounds like there are dead fish washing up on the shore. Does this happen only at a certain time of year? Any info?

Thanks everyone!


We had Red Tide here last year. It is something that is a natural occurance. Sometimes, people with allergies have a hard time breathing. Yes, you may see some dead fish. It really is gross. You may or may not see Red Tide.
Let me see if I can find the link for you. Personally I think you should stay on the Gulf side where we are. From what I have been told. The Beaches are in pretty bad shape from the Hurricanes and Errosion. Hope this helps. I will look for the link on Red Tide.