8-11/8-22 good time or not?


I have never stayed at pop during this time. Is this a good choice or not. My only month to travel this year is aug. So i chose mid to late aug…


I know some Mousebuzzers on here have stayed there around that time and if I remember, they said it was decent.


It is going to be HOT! HOT! HOT! We usually go around Labor day and have very little issues with crowds. The heat is probably going to be the worst part of your trip, but 12 hot days at WDW is better than 12 days at home if you ask me!!


I was going to WDW in mid-late August for about 3 years in a row, but I never stayed at Pop during that time. Just be prepared for extremely HUMID/hot weather, lots of rain, & possible ‘free dining’ crowds. We actually didn’t mind going during this time of the year until they started offering the free dining, then it got a little crazy.

Is it a possibility to stay at a more ‘serene’ resort, like maybe Port Orleans? :laugh: That may help combat the craziness, I personally wouldn’t stay at Pop anytime near free dining but that’s just me.


The last few years I’ve gone at that time and again this year I’ll be there around then. In fact, one year I did stay at Pop (90s building). It wasn’t bad unless you went to Everything Pop for breakfast (that was mobbed). My last day there I had to go at typical breakfast time and was lucky to find a table (the trash was overflowing, they couldn’t keep up). But everything else was fine, even the pools weren’t too badly crowded.

Like everyone says prepare for hot & humid with the potential for a hurricane/tropical storm. This past year stayed around that time (this time at Beach Club) and was caught in a Tropical Storm Faye. Then you have to prepare to be wet (doesn’t matter if you have the poncho). But you’re at Disney so it’s all good!


The hot/humid issue is one consideration. However, I would GUESS (and it is just a guess) that later in the month will be better for crowds as most southern state school districts will be back in session late in the month. Up here in the north, most schools still start after Labor Day, but it seems the futher south you go the ratio changes to most starting in August.

We home school, so we can set our own start/stop/break dates, so we’re vacationing in January! :smile:


You mean other than the 100% humidity, afternoon thunderstorms, and 95+ degree heat?
God invented air conditioning just for these reasons!
However, if it’s your only time to go, then go.
It is value season as well.


Is there REALLY a bad time??? Just keep in mind that your camera lens will need wiping each time you leave an air-conditioned spot. We have video from one of our trips in August where it looked as if we were in moving around in fog. Go and enjoy!


I have been during this time hot but also watch out for the rain. We stood at the Beach Club one year and it rained all day everyday I was not too happy. If that is the only time you can go don’t worry just go.


We have been many times around this time, as for one its Dh’s birthday (22nd) and two it is the British school holidays, so there is a higher influx of Brits at this time.
The weather is very hot, and there was always an afternoon shower or downpour, but we have never had major probs with this time of year.


We were there August 2007 and aside from the fact that it’s still very hot and humid we were pleasantly surprised that the crowds were not bad and it only rained twice during our 10 day stay. We also stayed at POP and were very happy (we stay there a lot).

Like it’s been said, if this is your only time to go then go you must. :mickey:


I’ve never been in late August simply because I know how hootttttttttttttttttttttt it gets in SC in August–there is no way I’d want to go walk around a theme park all day in that weather.


I’ve gone to a conference the last week of July for over 20 yrs now. Yikes is it hot… but it’s not home… it’s WDW so you just learn to pace yourself and enjoy it. And the old song about “dry” heat… it’s NOT. Very humid. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting salt soaked. Also it will probably rain each afternoon and somedays into the evening. Anyway…

Key is pacing yourself. Staying hydrated always. When you are going from park to park, try to ride not walk to everything even though you’ve just eaten a huge bowl of fettuccine Alfredo in Italy <g> and want to ride Star Tours at the Studios. Walking is great exercise around Disney, but in the summer it can be brutal. I love to run each morning, but I do slack off when at Disney. I found that it really beat me up so I’d be tired late afternoon into the evening. The heat and humidity really takes it out of you. I carry a backpack with 2 bottles of water (and fold up umbrellas) at all times. I empty them frequently and refill them at water fountains around the parks. We used to alternate park days and pool days, just to recuperate. They may sound a bit over the top, but after you’ve done it a few times, you’ll understand.

Hey, enjoy!!! It’s Disney.