9 days to go! Here are my plans!


Aug 20th- DD Kennedy (11), DD Karlie(7) and I depart from Philly to the world We should arrive at about 4:30 so I figure we’ll be at pop about 5:30. We will get dinner at the food court,check into our room and maybe have a swim. Then it is off to MK for extra magic hours! I’m not sure how long we’ll last but we’ll give it our all!

Day 2- go to AK for extra morning hours, grab lunch at pizzafari and then back to resort for our rest/swim. Dinner ressie at Ohanas and then off to MGM for evening hrs. Hope to see Fantasmic this night.

Day 3-Go to MGM in the morning to catch the Doodlebops (Karlie’s must do). Lunch at Sci Fi Diner and then back to pop for swim/rest. Dinner at the HDDR at 5, followed by evening at MK to catch parade and fireworks.

Day 4-Morning at Epcot, counter service lunch. Evening at AK extra hours,counter service dinner.

Day 5 - MK early morning hours, followed by 11:20 brunch at Chef Mickeys. NOt sure what we’ll do in the evening - maybe DTD with dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express.

Day 6- Breakfastsaurus at AK , spend morning at AK and we’ll go to Epcot for the evening. ADR at Teppanyaki for dinner.

Day 7- MGM early morning. WCC for lunch . Dinner at 1900 park fare (One of these will probably be cancelled) Unsure about evening-probably MK.

Day 8-Leave at 6:55, back at Philly by 11 am.

So what do you think???


Karliebug your first day sounds identical to ours!!! we check in, down to the food court (DH has to have his annual fix of double bacon cheeseburger) and then off out and back for a late swim-the perfect start to our hollies!!! and of course weare still on British time so its like swimming in the middle of the night-great fun!!!


sounds like a good plan. i can’t wait to hear about it in the TR when you come back…have a great time…


It all sounds great Karliebug, except for the Doodlebugs part :blow: . I am so sorry that you have to endure that.:laugh:


We don’t have little ones any more so I have to ask. What is Doodlebugs?
Karliebug, your trip sounds great. Enjoy!


Sounds like you have it well planned out. Have fun!


I really don’t feel like I should answer your question WDW Rules because I don’t have anything nice to say about the Doodlebugs, but it is a show that currently runs on the Disney Channel.


Sounds like a good time to me! Please remember to take those copious notes and many pictures for those of us who will be living the Disney dream through your TRs!:laugh: :laugh:


I think it sounds great! Have a blast


they are called the doodleBOPS…and yes i agree:blow: i have a 3yo. and we both think :blow: about the doodlebops.

karliebug…you are a sweet, sweet mama to endure that show! :blink: bless you!:wub:


Ok, now I’m really curious. I’m going to have to check them out as I have no idea what to expect.:confused:


Karliebug your plans sound just right. I can’t wait to hear the TR, I know it is going to be a great one.


have a great trip…


Love the plans. I was just thinking about you yesterday. I coudn’t remember when you were leaving ,but I knw it was soon. Happy single digit dancing to you!

I love seeing breaks scheduled in these plans…they are just as important as touring.:heart:


Your plans look great! Are you really going to be able to swim before hitting the parks your first night? I couldn’t wait, I’m always too excited.


OK- stop dissing the Doodlebobs, they are right there with the Beatles:laugh: