9 nights in WDW this July


Last summer when we were cruising on the Dream we booked a summer 2012 cruise while on board to get the “on board” discount. We saw that the Disney Magic was going to sail out of NYC and thought it would be great because we wouldn’t need airfare & the Canada/New England cruise looked interesting. Well, fast forward 7 months later, and we decided to cancel the cruise. We were paying A LOT for 5 nights on the Magic, it was only stopping in two cities, and Daniel was convinced he was gonna be really cranky about not having an Aqua Duck (we REALLY got spoiled by the Dream. lol) :laugh:

We both realized that it has been a LONG time, maybe a couple years, since we actually had a nice long trip to WDW. Even though we go 1-3 times per year it’s usually only 3-4 nights at a time. Since were DVC members and already have annual passes I realized we could stay 9 nights in WDW with the regular DDP for almost half of the price (including airfare) that we were spending on the 5 night cruise. So, WDW it is!!

We’re going from July 6th-15th! Bay Lake Tower, Lake View Studio! :happy: I am excited. Also, with the leftover cruise money I think I am going to throw a little birthday party at the BLT rooftop lounge. :phone: Yay! Excited!

We made our ADRs this morning; Hoop-Dee-Doo, Grand Floridian Cafe, Whispering Canyon Cafe, Chef De France, Ohana, the Wave, Crystal Palace, & Biergarten


I was initially bummed to hear you were cancelling your cruise, but that is a nice long trip. Enjoy!!


Yea! Great plans!


Lucky girl!


Sounds like a great trip. I know the you will make it relaxing.


Congrats to you Wishy! I love the looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggg, magical WDW trips!


We will be there July 7th to 14th! Maybe we will run into you!!! We only live an hour from you, but it will be funny if our first time meeting each other was down in Disney!


Wishy, enjoy those 9 nights of Disney! I know I’ll never be able to go for that amount of time, as dh couldn’t fathom being away from his lawn that long. Have a great time!!!


Enjoy it! 9 nights are GREAT especially in the summer. Great ADRs!