90 + 10 adrs?


I read this…but what does plus ten" mean???


90 days from your check in date PLUS 10 days of your vacation IF YOU ARE STAYING ONSITE.

If you are staying OFFSITE, you must call each day 90 days out.


Yeah, that concept was difficult for me to grasp a hold of.

If you’re staying at a WDW resort (Swan/Dolphin and DtD resorts not included), then instead of calling 90 days in advance every day to make reservations for every day you’ll be staying, you can call 90 days before the day of your first ADR and go ahead and make ADRs for up to ten days after that.

So… you could get ahead of the crowd and book CRT on the last day of your vacation - 10 days before people who aren’t staying at a WDW resort can make it.


Perfect…thats kind of how I understood it, but a friend told me different…


I love that they do this for their resort guests. :happy: I felt like I was getting such a great jump on things when I could make ADRs for the entire week! I got exactly the times I wanted at every meal, and I doubt that would have happened if I had to call back every day.