95 Developer Points for sale


I have a trip to DL in May and DW in Sept. all booked and had some points to spare and sent the forward to next year. We just bought into GCV and don’t need the extra developer points so I thought I would see if anyone was interested in them here. They have to be used by Oct. 3, 2009 and the only resorts you can use them at are Saratoga and any of the hotels on property at Disneyland.

Here are some examples of what you can do with the points:


Entire week in Sept. [B]95 pts[/B]

6 nights: all of March, July; some dates in April, June, Aug. [B]94 pts[/B]

[U]One Bedroom[/U]

5 nights Sun - Thurs

All of May, 1st part of June, last part of Aug. [B]100 pts[/B]

4 nights Sun - Thurs

All of March, July, some dates in April, June, Aug. [B]108 pts[/B]

Because of the limitations of where you can stay I don’t really think they are worth as much as regular points so I am looking to get $8 per point.

I can most likely borrow some of my regular points if you need a few more to make the trip that you want happen.

PM me if you are interested.