999 Ghost?


So, what do they look like and what are their names? Please post the pix and names.

Let’s see how many we can collect.:laugh:



I can tell you 3 right off the bat. The hitchhikers:

  1. Phineas (The Traveler)
  2. Ezra (The Skeleton)
  3. Gus (The Prisoner)


Do the Host Ghost and Master Gracie (sp?) count?


I did read that even though there are 999 ghosts only 109 of them have names. It also said that the names on the tombstones entering the Mansion are the names of the creators of the Mansion.


This is one of my favorite Disney websites ever. :wub:
Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Gallery

Apparently there is some book made by castmembers that gets passed around behind the scenes with stories for the ghosts. Someone must have leaked it to the internet… which is awesome for us obsessive Haunted Mansion fans. :happy:

“The loyal maids and butlers of Master Gracey would like to welcome you to the Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Gallery. As his loyal servants, we have taken it upon ourselves to preserve the rich heritage that surrounds the Gracey Family and this great mansion. Although most of those listed here have passed into the great beyond quite some time ago they continue to reside at Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion® and welcome your visits. They only request that if you intend to stay for a prolonged visit please be sure to bring your death certificate.”

EDIT: I knew I read that part about the castmembers somewhere… I just found it!
The author of the site says: “The original Ghost Gallery was maintained by the cast members at the Haunted Mansion. Although I spent a lot of time editing the original Gallery and many of the words are mine, those original cast members deserve credit for the creation of the stories.”