A 2 week stay?!?!?!?!?!


Well, as I mentioned before, we were not going to do Disney this year, but then I got the free dining PIN for June. I priced out June 7-14 and the price was great, so we decided to book. My husband was not sure which week we could go for sure so we decided to book June7-20 to be on the safe side, cancelling the other week when we find out his vacation. Out of curiosity, I asked the CM what the price for the entire 2 weeks was and I was surprised!! We would get free dining for the entire 2 weeks:ohmy:!!! Now I have my husband cinsidering the 2 week stay:ohmy:!! Coming from the man who complained about the 10 days last time!! We are booked at POFQ right now. Would you stay there the entire 2 weeks or would you do 1 week there and another at a different moderate? Thanks!!


That is awesome! I’d just stay at POFQ. Everyone here seems to really like it and why bother having to checkout at one place and check in at another. Also if you do 2 hotels you’d have two dining plans, so you’d have to finish your first one the day you checkout of the first hotel (and if you had any extra credits you might lose them). Staying at POFQ the whole time means you can use your credits whenever and not have to worry.


We have never used the free dining, but would opt to stay at the same place. We were there years ago on a 3 week stay in 3 different resorts. I felt like a nomad with unpacking, packing, unpacking… just want to get there and settle in and stay (but that is just us).


I would do the two weeks at POFQ- if you are anything like us the resort is just a base, we are more or less out and about all the time, and thought of having to pack two weeks worth of ‘room’ to move to another moderate?? no thanks! two weeks free dining is brilliant too, we just had a long stay at WDW with free dining and it saved us over a thousand dollars truly it did- the long you stay the more you can make FD pay!


I like unpacking ONCE and settling in! I don’t think I’d ever choose to change resorts.


I stayed at 3 different places this trip and it was SO ANNOYING to pack and unpack each time. STAY AT ONE PLACE!!!

Awesome that you get to go for 2 weeks, btw!!! :cool:


The longest we’ve ever stayed was 10 days and it was heaven. I think we’d only do one resort, I don’t like packing and unpacking.


We have thought of doing a split stay with our home away from home, CSR, and the POFQ. The only thing holding us back is I hate the thought of packing and unpacking a second time. So I’m not sure we’lle very get to try POFQ.


ditto here. Unless you had the option to stay somewhere that is really hard to get or something, I would stick with one!


well done :wub:enjoy your two weeks.
we would rather unpack once and stay in the same resort. If you go to another park outside Disney use that credit for a two credit meal like royal table.


I just split my stay b/w Pop and Poly. 4 nights at Pop and 6 nights at Poly. When I packed I tried to pack all the Pop stuff in 1 suitcase so we just needed to pack and unpack 1 bag. It worked out pretty well. When changing resorts we took a cab though and brought our luggage with us. This worked out great since our room at the Poly was ready and then we didn’t have to wait for our luggage.

If you were staying only 1 week I definately wouldn’t split my stay, but for 2 weeks I would!