Yes, I’ve become a victim of the WDW obsession and it has consumed me. My first thing I do in the morning, even before the cup of joe, is check DC for any new or interesting information. For a while I was contemplating trying to upgrade from the WL to the Poly, but it was about $500 more. I have come to accept my resort choice, which my wife loves I might add. So finally to the actual question, is there any rooms that have a view of the MK at the WL? We have a standard room, I understand that it is a parking lot or roof view room, but would like to perhpas upgrade to a room w/ a MK view. I think this would give my wife the WL she wants and me the true DW feeling by waking up to it. Any suggestions and/or type of upgrade it might be. Thanks for any and all your help.


I could be wrong, but I do not think you can see MK from WL, because it’s at an odd angle, and because of the trees. I do knot for a fact that WL does not offer an MK view, like Poly does. I just booked WL a week ago and it did not have MK view as an option.

Maybe someone else can give you some more information on this though. If all else fails, you could always call Disney and ask if they give you a view where you might be able to see the fireworks. :happy: It never hurts to ask.


I also check the bulletins every morning before I get started at work. I am currently waiting for the September discounts to be announced.


Don’t have any advice but welcome to the obsessed club!


yeah! I don’t know about that view, either - but, I understand being obsessed! LOL!


There was a honeymoon suite that I know you could see the MK but I think the trees have grown beyond anyone being able to have that view.

Welcome to the world of Disney obsession!


Yeah, I’m 99% sure their are no MK views from the WL. You can barely see it from the monorail, even.Sorry, but I am 100% sure your room will rock (with a 1% margin for error).


Are you normally 101 percent right, Darthie?


No, the 1% margin was to make it 99% just incase I needed it, Raingirl.





I hear ya with being obsessed! My trip isn’t even until April and I’m already working on which parks to go to on which days!!!

As far as the view, I remember reading that because of the trees there are no MK views. Last Oct we stayed at WL and booked a standard room. Upon check-in we were upgraded to courtyard view (without even asking!). It was a very nice view much unlike the parking lot view I was expecting. I heard they do these upgrades quite often.

As a side note, I believe at the Poly the only MK views are the concierge longhouses. I think you can see side views in other longhouses, but for the great views you’d have to do conceirge.


According to the Unofficial guide, there are some rooms with a MK view:

“Even numbered rooms 5004-5030 and 6004-6030 fron ta woodland northwest of the lodge, and beyond the woodland, the Magic Kingdom. Rooms on the sixth floor (6604-6030 have a particularly good view of the Magic Kingdom.”

Although I can’t say that I know this is fact, when I booked our trip at WL w/a courtyard view, I special requested a MK view and the CM said she would note it, without any questions or concerns, so maybe there really are such views!


OK, well we stay at the WL on a regular basis and from our rooms on the 6th floor, we can see the castle through the trees and we can always see the fireworks. We also get the water pageant going by the balcony as well. We have stayed in Feb., Sept. and November and during all those visits we have gone to sleep watching the castle turn colors.
I want to go back so bad…<sigh>


I can’t answer your question but I am OBSESSED. :laugh:


Thanks for the info. I was out and couldn’t check for a few hours, I started to break-out into a cold sweat. Let me just tell ya how obsessed I’ve become and who knows maybe someone can beat me. I put togther an entire restaurant menu book of all the resorts, downtown and parks. Each one had to be cut pasted and resized to fit each page. It’s broken down by area and each restaurant has a code to let you know if it’s a counter/counter & snack/Table/2 table/ Character and so on… Along with a table of content to guide you through the 259 page book that I had professionally bound. My wife thinks I’m crazy and I’m starting to believe her but I can’t stop.


Nope. Can’t beat that! But you should feel right at home here none the less! Welcome to DC and start posting your plans so your new fellow WDW obsessed friends can comment. :mickey: :biggrin: :mickey:


Yeah I can’t beat that either, but we’re all obsessed in our little way.


I can’t beat that either, but I check constantly too- and I went to WDW in March! Try tourguidemike.com if you want to plan where to go on what day. It was a tremendous help and it gave me other places to look for information (not that I needed it after being here)… Have fun planning.


Hey, more than a few DC’ers just about know the allearsnet.com menus by heart, including the prices.

I put our last trip on in Excel, with all the parks planned by day, meals planned by hour, and with lists of which rides were good at what time. We’re not obsessed here, not even if we know exactly what ride we will be on in what order on what day and what we’re going to order at what restaurant…all six months in advance…no, no obsession here. :wacko:


Phew, I’m starting to think I’m right at home here. Perhaps I need to get my wife hooked on DC, that would make life so much easier. I have a confession to make, I too use TourGuideMike from time to time, but he’s nothing compared to you all. I’m now working on fighting the urge to plan every ride and this resort upgrade. The resort upgrade is just a “grass is always greener” concept because everywhere I look it seems like some resort else has more to offer(but of course for more money).