A Brand New Event - Mousemeets 2009


Here is the press release for a brand new event being held at Disneyland Paris in December 2009

Mousemeets 2009

The Disney Internet Community gather in Paris for their first ever fan meet.

With the popularity of the Orlando based MouseFest, a new annual event has been created for those people who are unable to attend the US fan event.

Mousemeets will bring together in one, European, geographical spot members of an enormous worldwide Disney community many of whom have only interacted electronically via e-mail and the Internet. This is the first time that this has ever happened outside of the United States.

Mousemeets will feature a variety of activities, including meets held by both the organisers and participants themselves. Guests will also have the chance to meet and chat with webmasters, podcasters, authors and radio operators. Guests will be able to pick and choose events held within the parks of Disneyland Paris and join together with like-minded people to enjoy the parks with a different perspective.

Mousemeets will be held on the weekend of December 5th – 6th at Disneyland Resort Paris in Marne La Vallee. France. Details of the event, agenda, meets and how to register will be available by visiting Disney Brit Podcast

Guests interested in joining the event can now register their interest at the above site and will be regularly updated with information through the Mousemeets Newsletter. The event and registration are at no extra cost to guests other than their usual Theme Park admission.

Adam Goodger or Juz Griffiths

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Hmm an interesting idea, hope its a success.