A call from mickaholic4077


Hey guys. Just wanted to let y’all know that I got a call from our good buddy Alma today. She was on the newest ride in WDW, EE. She said the stand-by line was 120 minutes and that all the FP’s for the day were all gone by noon. Sounds a little busy…

It was cool hearing the ride again. All the effects were much louder than the first time I “rode” along. I even heard they Yeti…I hope he didn’t eat a DC’er…

Thanks for sharing some of the Magic Alma… You serve The DewMan Fan Club well…


oooh awesome! Thats so nice to share the magic :mickey:


That was so sweet of her! How neat!!
Can’t wait to hear her first hand report!!


hm and Dewboy didnt get upset with her I think he has a crush on our own Mickaholic


Alma LIVES there! She can ride EE everyday for the rest of her life if she wants!!! Where is the justice? Woe is me!!! Waaaaaahhhh!

Just kidding… I am thrilled for her and hope I can finnagle a way onto that ride next month!


That’s very cool! I hope she posts a mini report about her day.


Hi all!! Actually,I’m sure it was Jackie(jmouse)from here and mousehousemagic who called Dew-Man. My mother and I had met up with Jackie,Heather(goofygal1975),Lauren(LaurenGold)and their families at AS Sports and had driven over to AK. They were very strict with allowing only AP’ers and guests of DVC members in to the EE area. You had to have a picture ID and your pass. If you didn’t have ID,you were denied entry even if you had a pass!!We got on the line to get fast passes and when we got to the machines,we discovered that they weren’t putting AP’s into the machines,so after we got our FP’s and vouchers for the pin & lanyard,we got in line again to get more fp’s and vouchers. We each had 2 fp’s. Then we went to lunch(actually we met up w/Lauren & family there;they hadn’t been able to get fp’s because they were all out by then). Since Jackie had a Guest Assistance card,we were able to get Lauren & family in with us. When we re-entered the area,we discovered that they were handing out single rider tickets. We all got them so we didn’t have to wait til 2:45 to ride. We got through the line in no time and boarded the cars. I rode once,and I have to tell you that though I didn’t feel as sick as when I went on Mission Space,I didn’t feel too good when I got off. I have come to the sad conclusion that I am not suited for thrill rides anymore. Anyway,after we got off,my mother and I gave our fast passes to the others and gave Jackie Dew-Man’s phone number and DisneyAnne’s number(from here and mousehousemagic),and left the area,because we knew we wouldn’t make going on the ride again. Bottom line is,I don’t know if I am ever going on EE again. It will be a while before I go again,but I’m sure most people will like it.


Oops… I couldn’t hear everything that was being said on the call, with all the sound effects and wind rushing by the phone… I actually never heard the person on the other line actually say a name. Since I had given Alma my number, I just assumed it was her. I apologize.

Thanks for the call Jackie… Sorry I didn’t get the story right… Forgive me? :angel:


It’s so cool you all get together like that! I’d love to hang with some DCers!


Ok, let’s hang out. Wanna take me out to dinner? :biglaugh: