A couple Oct. ADRs up for grabs; O'hana, Whispering Canyon, The Wave


I just found out that my sister in law, her husband, and their baby are meeting us for two days during our October trip. We have to make different dining arrangements so I have these up for grabs that we’ll no longer be able to use. Please let me know ASAP if you’d like them. If nobody can use them I will cancel them by next week.

October 11th, Sat: 8:40am breakfast at O’Hana

Oct. 11th, Sat: 6:05pm The Wave (Contemporary)

Oct 12th, Sunday 5:10pm Whispering Canyon Cafe

(All for 2 adults)


How do you “give” them away? We have a ADR we may not use.


You can just give the other person your confirmation number. It is no big deal if the name s are different - it is only with dinner shows/CRT that you cant really change.


I never knew this! What a great idea!


I never even realized you could do this, either. We should ALL do this when cancelling ADRs! This way, another MBer might be able to find something they weren’t able to get. :mickey:


Yeah, I just figured I’d ask before I go calling them to cancel. I’ll give it until this coming Sunday evening, if nobody wants them I’ll just call and cancel.


Great idea to “share” them here before you cancel!!
I wish I could take you up on it Wishy - but we have 8 people…darn!!! I can’t wait to try The Wave!!!


Sure you can do this!
You don’t even really need the confirmation number, though in case of problems, it might help. All you need to do is show up on time and give the name of the person the reservation was made under. The only problems are with the few places that require a credit card to hold the reservation (luau, California Grill, CRT, Hoop Dee Doo(?)). If questioned, simply say a friend made the reservation for you and the CM made that reservation in your friend’s name.


Well, I was able to give “the Wave” ADR away, so that one is unavailable now but the others are still open.


I cant take any of them, but I wanted to say I’m really sad that you are missing your O’hana Breakfast. You are a nice devoted sister-in-law for giving that up!


I know, I don’t even want to talk about it. :dry: