A couple of questions about going in early June


We are going to WDW on June 6-13. How are the crowds then? I know the heat should be tolerable. I usually go in the off season(May,September Dec.etc) so this time is new for me. Also we really want to try and make it to HS for Starwars weekend and I do not know when it usually starts. Does anyone know about when they start SW weekend?


We are also going in June, but not till 19th-26th!! Can’t wait to hear what everyone says. :minnie:


We were there this past June(the end) and it was dreadfully hot. We never went to any theme park just hung around.


you should be there for star wars weekend if you go that week! we went this past year for dh’s birthday and it was busy but not to horrible (his bday is june 14th). we went to a couple of the actor chats and there were plenty of seats left, met an ewok, minnie leia, luke skywalker, darth vader etc. i don’t really remember there being too many lines for anything. one suggestion though is if you are going for specifically star wars weekend, you want to do a couple days and get there early. they give out passes to meet the actors and they go pretty fast. also the reason why i suggested going a couple of days is because if you want to meet all the characters, they swap them out. for instance one line could be people meeting chewbacca, but the time you get there, it’s an ewok signing. the lines can be somewhat long but not unbearable. we did it with my 3yr old on 1.5 yr old without too much issue. well except the ewok terrified the little one. i would definitely plan on getting there for the hyperspace hoopla really early if you want to be up front. people are REALLY pushy for this. and they usually do it after a padwan training so they try to slowly move the crowd closer to the stage but people just rushed it, almost knocking some kids over :angry:. we stayed towards the back and ended up having an awesome time even though it was hard to see the show. chewbacca was standing next to me and i stepped on wicket’s foot by accident. the cantina band walked by and there were sand people mingling with the crowd. so definitely hanging towards the back is not a bad thing!!!
the weather was nice. it was a little hot but not too unbearable. but it’s really different every year. june is the start of florida’s hurricane/ rainy season.
p.s. darth vader and darth maul are characters they don’t swap out so you can be guaranteed to meet them!


Oh great we have 25 family members going.
It gets dreadful at times when the wheather is good! Just kidding :angel: :laugh: I love ALL my in-laws:ph34r:


We usually go the last week of May. Based on a week or two before, you should be fine. The crowds were rough between 11:00 and 3:00, but the rest of the day was tolerable. The temps tend to be high 80’s to low 90’s during the day, so drink water like crazy and stay out of the direct sun. We usually pick what the weather channel says will be the hottest day of the week for our “water park” day.


Last year it was HOT- like 96, and 3 showers a day hot… It was bad, but the crowds were not too bad- they were there, but manageable… FUN!


We went in 08 in June during that week. We had a good time except I don’t think I’ll ever go during that time again. Not to scare you off…we just enjoy going in the fall. It was really hot…but you’re from Fl so I really can’t tell you anything you don’t know about the heat. It was crowded…more than I expected, but it was tolerable. We usually hit the parks really early, then went back to our room around 12 and stayed there and swam or napped until dinner and then went back out. It was much more enjoyable that way! Also, it rained pretty much every day. Which in my opinion was great! Tons of people leave the parks then and that’s when we could really do some damage and hit some rides that are really popular.


We were also there last year during the first week of June and it was HOT, as hot as any time we’ve been during the summer. The crowds were also pretty high. We expected cooler temps and lower crowds. We were there at the same time 3 years before and it was cooler and much less crowded.


Yes I am from Florida so I know that with the heat, anything can happen. When we went the third week in June this year we were in some kind of heat wave that was crazy hot. When we checked in at our resort we could not believe how unbearable it was. We had my mom and dad with us and they could not take the heat. By the end of our trip, it was much cooler.


By my experience, the crowds start to pick up right before Memorial Day and get to the point of being intolerable as the calendar approaches July 4. It really depends on when school gets out. Since you’re going in early June, it should still be ok, although Friday night through Sunday afternoon, the parks should be pretty packed, especially DHS.

If possible, you should plan most of your park visits during the week.

I’m also guessing that MK will be kept open late on Saturday night (probably midnight or 1am) As a fun way to end the week on a bang, it could be cool for everyone to take naps on Saturday afternoon, go to Ohanas for dinner on Saturday evening and then go crazy at MK until closing time. This could be especially fun if it’s really hot. June nights, even during heatwaves, are beautiful at MK.

Just a thought.


Anytime at Disney is a good time, just remember that. But yes, the temps are high at that time of year, and it also the rainy season. So go with that in mind, pack appropriately, and don’t let it get in the way of your fun. Bring two pairs of shoes, umbrellas/raingear and go forth! :smile:


Oh I agree that any time you are at Disney is a good time. I am not to scared to go then just have to be well watered and know what time of year it is. I will be fine, I hope:eek:.


Is the daily rain, a pouring rain? And how long does it usually last,a few hours? We’ve never gone in June. :huh:
I’m slowly getting a bit worried. We’ve always visited in the spring March-early May.

Ddoll is the heat anything thing like around MA/RI in the smack of our summers?? :confused:


[QUOTE=tinker2222;1000236]Is the daily rain, a pouring rain? And how long does it usually last,a few hours? We’ve never gone in June. :huh:
I’m slowly getting a bit worried. We’ve always visited in the spring March-early May.

Ddoll is the heat anything thing like around MA/RI in the smack of our summers?? :confused:[/QUOTE]

We were there about the time you will be there next year and there was a really horrible(unusually) heat wave. It was sweltering. I could not have imagined going to the theme parks in that heat. I am not trying to scare you but you just never know what you are going to get in Florida. I think it was high 90’s with a heat index of about 105 or something like that. Just horrible. But towards the end of our week it was much more tolerable to endure.


[QUOTE=tinker2222;1000236]Is the daily rain, a pouring rain? And how long does it usually last,a few hours? We’ve never gone in June. :huh:
I’m slowly getting a bit worried. We’ve always visited in the spring March-early May.

Ddoll is the heat anything thing like around MA/RI in the smack of our summers?? :confused:[/QUOTE]

As others have mentioned, there’s no way of knowing what the weather will actually be like on your dates. I know when we went in June it rained for most of the day and it was almost every day of the trip. And it was realy hot.

And no, even on our hottest New England summer days, it never gets as hot as it is in FL. It’s EVEN more humid than up here. It is an effort to walk at some of the hotter times.

But don’t despair: Disney has all kinds of ways to help you deal with it. They have sprayers and fans set up along walkways, in the queues, in shows, etc.The A/C is always cranked up nice and high. You just learn to deal with it. You cut through stores as often as possible. Take frequent breaks. Go back to your hotel mid-day to cool off and don’t go back to the parks until later in the day.

Don’t want to scare you. You’ll be in Disney so you’ll have fun. Just be prepared to deal with the weather. If you are caught unawares, it could dampen your trip. But you read here and know how to cope.


We will be bringing a school group for those same dates. This will be our 9th trip doing this. Some years the weather is miseable and very crowded. Sometimes weather is tolerable and the crowds are decent. It is more crowded than Sept. but it really varies. DHS is always crowded with Star Wars weekend. I actually avoid it because my kids don’t care. Some of the students go but they always say that it is very crowded.

Not a bad time to go though!!