A couple of questions?


I tried to call WDW yesterday, but their systems were down. And today the hold times are FOREVER . . . so MB friends I know you can help! :happy:

  1. My pass renew date is 10/10 - I know if I renew online, I get a discount. Does the NEW pass start the day I renew or take over on the 11th? (Since I have 3 to renew . . . I was going to do one each week . . . instead of forking over 500 bucks all at once!) BUT, I don’t want us to each have different dates! :blink:

  2. I can’t find the Disney transportation link ANYWHERE? Since I normally drive to the parks, I have NO CLUE how it works . . . but this time I plan on doing more hopping, and I though it would be easier to use WDW transportation . . . but I need to know what goes where?

  3. The Plaza at MK - never eaten here, but thought I might try it the night of our MNSSHP . . . yes or no? What do you think?

Thanks everyone! :heart:


As far as AP’s I am not positive…but I would think it would be from that date as apposed to getting the certificate like when you first get your AP. But ask Jess…she’ll know for sure.

I have never been to the Plaza but I’ve never read a bad review about it. We’re usually on the dining plan so we never go there because it seems like it’s a waste of a dining credit. If I were to pay OPP ever again I would go there. DT loves this place

As far as transport…buses go everywhere basically. The only thing you can’t do is go to a park from DTD or vice versa. This pretty much eliminates the parking at DTD and going to the parks without paying for parking.
Boats go to MGM and Epcot (back and forth with stops at BC, YC, Swalphin and BW in between) then from MK they go to FW, and WL. Then SSR, OKW, and PO have boats to and from DTD. There could be others from DTD but those I am sure of.
Monorails from MK can either go to Epcot (you have to switch at the TTC) or MK to GF, Contemp, TTC and Poly.

That’s basically the gist of it in a nutshell. I am sure there are other things I have forgotten.


Hmmmm we are on the dining plan . . . why do you think it’s a waste?


Cinderbella pretty much covered it, but one thing to add. You can’t go between the resorts by bus. You either have to go to a park or to DTD to go to another resort so leave plenty of travel time if you are going to another resort for a meal (gee I think someone just told me that while making an ADR:laugh:)


With regard to the APs, you can renew them up to 30 days before their expiration and this can be done either on the phone or online. If they expire on October 10 they are valid through that day and the renewal will pick up on October 11th.

As for The Plaza Restaurant I am a bit biased due to the fact that I had one very unpleasant experience there and have basically refused to go back with so many other choices.


not help on the others, but re: The Plaza


the Ruben is fantastic and they have lots of good choices. it’s like a nice, nice icecream / sandwich shop.

really good!


My family loves the Plaza Restaurant and have been there several times over the years. always get the reuben and have yet to be disappointed. It’s not a great value if you are on the dining plan but we’ve done it. The prices aren’t as high as most other sit down restaurants to a lot of people won’t use dining credits there. You can decided if you want to use your credits there.


Thanks EVERYONE! :heart:

We are not big MEAL eaters, so I thought a nice sandwich/salad would be good before MNNSHP . . . since there will be CANDY galore for dessert! :wub:

I checked the menu on allears and it looks good . . . our type of food!

We are going with my Mom this trip, and she will only have a 3 day/1 park ticket sooooo now we are not hopping as much as I thought it is SO hard to plan … . yikes!

Thanks for the tip on the TICKETS . . . it will be easier on the budget if I can renew mine this week and the girls the next . . . I thought maybe they give a voucher, but I wasn’t sure?

I knew you would all help me! :heart: