A Cousins Trip/ Mini Reunion


At my cousin’s graduation last summer, we talked about a trip to the World to celebrate. There ended up being four of us - 2 guys 2 girls that met up for a Feb 6th-13th trip. We stayed at Pop Century with the DDP and it was the two guys’ first visit to WDW. Pretty fun with four young adults, we were able to squeeze a lot in!

3 of us took a red eye flight from LA and got in Thurs morning. When we arrived, we had a little bit of confusion with the Magic Bands because they put the fourth person’s info with ours, and excluded one of us who was traveling together. Took a couple mins, but we got it figured out pretty quickly. The line to get on the ME was a peek into the weeks cheerleaders’ activity. There were about 60 girls in line for an All Star resort, and I was very relieved that we were not stuck in line behind them!

I had checked in online, and even though it was about 10:30 am, they had our rooms ready. After a quick brunch we headed to our rooms to sleep while waiting for our fourth cousin.

We woke up around 6:30 and our cousin from Canada had arrived, so we headed off to our first dinner at 'Ohana.

Food was great as usual and the guys were in meat heaven. I should mention that my other girl cousin is a vegetarian, so they made her a pita and hummus appetizer, and a tofu veggie plate. Also, we were a little bit far from the main dining area, but we had missed the fireworks, so I didn’t really mind. After dinner we explored the Poly a bit, then headed back to Pop. Our next day would be EPCOT.


Oh how fun! Thanks for telling us about it!


Next up was EPCOT. We slept in a little bit on Friday, and after a quick snack at Everything Pop we were off. It was really nice to have the FP+, because we missed our first FP time, but I was able to change it on the app (I ended up using this quite a bit this trip, and it worked perfectly) I thought it would be a problem to have only 3 FPs a day, but it was fine. Also, we are not morning people, so it was great to stroll into the park at our convenience all week, without having to worry if all the FPs were gone, and I did not miss hiking across the park to grab them.

First up was Spaceship Earth, then our FP for Mission Space. I could’ve sworn I had been on the Orange side before, but I definitely had not. Good thing my cousin had sea-bands for her motion sickness! Next up was lunch at Sunshine Seasons.

Me and my girl cousin both had chinese food (she had some kind of tempeh), while the guys both loved their Oak-grilled Fish. The chinese food was fine, but I took the CM’s recommendation and the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie was delicious!

After lunch was our FP for Soarin. Then we did Living With the Land before our next FP at Nemo. We spent a little time at the Seas and caught the fish feeding.

After the Seas, it was finally time to move onto World Showcase! We were all pleased with the Tim Horton’s display in the Canada Pavilion and brought a can home.

A glass of Strongbow Cider in the UK , and some shopping in France and Japan before our dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh. This was the graduate’s choice for dinner, and I was not expecting much as I had a pretty mediocre meal here before. The menu must be different from before, because it was excellent! The standouts were my Lemon Chicken Tangine with the delicious olives, and my girl cousin’s Vegetable Couscous… it was very buttery. After dinner we spent a little more time in the pavilion before Illuminations.

We breezed through Italy, a glass of Grapefruit Beer in Germany before heading back to Pop. Originally we planned to go to Animal Kingdom the following day, but we decided to change to Hollywood Studios since it looked like rain. Once again, My Magic + app to the rescue!


YAY!! Another trip report…how exciting! Sounds like the My Magic + app is pretty handy to have. Good to know!


Saturday was Hollywood Studios. I brought home a fruit eclair from Kringla Bakeri and I had that for breakfast. I would definitely recommend it - not too sweet, perfect with coffee. Anyways, on to the Studios…

When we got there it started pouring rain in true Florida fashion. We hopped from store to store up the street and headed straight to The Great Movie Ride. There was a surprising 20 min wait. I swear I have never had to wait for this ride before. Anyways, it was a nice place to wait out the rain, although our ‘tour guide’ was awful! I mean really bad. We didn’t mind because c’mon, its The Great Movie Ride, but she could not remember her lines for the life of her. She mumbled and just did not seem to fit the part. We felt pretty bad for her.

After was our FP for Star Tours and on our way over it became clear that we had chosen the wrong park for the day. There were cheerleaders everywhere! Make no mistake, I don’t mind them in themselves, it just instantly makes every line 30+ people longer. Rides, food, bathroom… Took us almost half an hour to use the restroom! I was beginning to think that this day was going to be terrible, but… by the time we got outta the restrooms, the rain had stopped and the girls were filing in to their competition. The day was pretty nice after that.

After Star Tours, we had an early lunch at Pizza Planet. They had a special raspberry fudge cupcake for Valentine’s Day - we all got it!

After lunch we went to explore Streets of America and take pictures. As we were walking all these characters came out at once! Belle, Geppetto, Chip, Dale, Mulan, green army men, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Max, Pocahantas, Meeko, Snow White, the Evil Queen… you get the picture. There were so many characters that some of them were milling around ‘talking’ to each other because there weren’t enough people! It was fun and we spent half an hour there just wandering around from character to character before they all marched off together. It was so cute, like a little parade.

We had a FP for TOT, so we started to make our way over there. After TOT, the guys wanted to see a show. Lights, Motor’s, Action was done for the day and we realized that Indiana Jones was being used by the cheerleaders, so they had to go to Beauty and the Beast by default! They loved it of course, and we timed it just right because it had just started raining again.

After the show it was finally time for our FP for TSMM. I would have chosen a different time, but since we had decided to change parks the day before, this was the only time slot. So when we finished we hiked back to RnRCoaster and did the single rider line. Unfortunately, we got stuck in line with battling cheer squads. It was getting really loud, like we had to shout to hear each other, and everything echoed under the pavilion. All the people in line were getting angry, and I was just gonna go complain, when a CM came out. It was obvious why they picked him to handle the dirty work. He had to be really forceful and loud to get everyone to shutup! He threatened to kick them all (must’ve been over 100) out of line if they didn’t stop the cheers. After that, everything was peaceful again - or as peaceful as it usually is in line for a coaster.

We decided to skip Fantasmic (the one at DL is much better IMO) and did a little shopping before heading to DD. I did not know that there was not a direct bus there! How could I never have figured this out? Did there used to be? So after some time wandering around the bus stop aimlessly, we caught a bus to POR, and then another to DD.

We all agreed on dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express in the Marketplace, and I’m so glad we did. It was one of the standout meals for me this trip… and all for a CS credit! I got the Half Rotisserie Chicken, and the others had the Salmon, Mac & Cheese, and Chicken Alfredo. This is definitely going to become a regular meal on our future trips!

After dinner, I set back for the hotel while the others stayed to do some shopping. Next day would be a day off from the parks.


…many years ago there was a direct bus from each park to DTD…I remember specifically taking it from the studios because the studios always closed at 7… The bus was full heading to DTD then so I’m not sure why they stopped it. You would think they would want to encourage people to spend money and make it easy for us…

…enjoying your trip report here… :slight_smile:


Wish there was more of the trip report :frowning:

I think the reason WDW discontinued the bus to/from each theme park to DTD was people who were not staying on property were parking for free at DTD and then catching the bus to X theme park.


[QUOTE=KingOMiami;1141601]Wish there was more of the trip report :frowning:

I think the reason WDW discontinued the bus to/from each theme park to DTD was people who were not staying on property were parking for free at DTD and then catching the bus to X theme park.[/QUOTE]

…yes…good point…


Yes, that’s what they do. We were coming back from DTD to BWV. Got off at the Swan as it’s much quicker to walk, than sit on the bus through all the bus stops. Another couple got off and looked totally lost. I asked if I could direct him to where he needs to go. He said he was looking for Epcot. Then he proceeded to tell me that he parked at DTD, and this was complicated to get to the park (like annoyed). Well, that made me annoyed. He he is doing the sneaky thing, not paying for parking, and then he’s upset that it’s not convenient? Needless to say, dh and myself picked up the pace and walked ahead of them. I was biting my tongue all the way home.


Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! What a great memory for you and your cousins! Hope to read the rest soon.


Sorry for the long delay - my computer was on the fritz, and it was too difficult to post from my phone.

Moving on to Sunday, it was our day off from the parks. Us girls decided to sleep in and use the mini-golf vouchers, while we very graciously let the boys take the Disney Quest tickets. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten these vouchers with our package before, and that’s a pretty good value if you ask me. I was a little bummed because I still have never been to Disney Quest, but I guess that’s a good reason to return :happy:

When we finally woke up and made our way down to EverythingPOP, we had missed breakfast! We used our snack credits to get some muffins, filled up our mugs with coffee, and went up to our room to tie in to the audio of our religious service back home. We only did this because last visit, a taxi to and from our place of worship was really expensive, and that was split four ways. This time it would just be two of us so we opted to “listen in.”

Afterwards we decided that since the weather was so perfect, we might as well skip the mini-golf and take a swim. We took our laundry down and did a load while we swam. It was a perfectly lazy day.

Couldn’t find any pics from that day, but here is a pic of our pool from one of the rainier days

After our laundry was done, we headed up to shower and get ready for our dinner at Chef Mickeys. We had a 5:00 ADR, and were getting pretty hungry. The guys were gonna take a break from Disney Quest and meet us there. I don’t think I would have booked this restaurant if it wasn’t the graduate’s pick and a buffet (the guys eat a lot) I really don’t care for Chef Mickey’s, as I think it’s better suited for kiddos who want to meet the ‘Big 5.’ And getting there proved to be a real hassle as the bus to MK took forever (we had some really long bus wait times this trip - my first time experiencing that more than once on a trip) When we finally got there, our bus stop was the last one on the end closest to the Contemporary. So we decided to dash across the street and take the walkway over to the Contemporary. When we arrived, the guys were already seated and had ordered their drinks. I finally got my glow-tini which made me happy!

The guys had been having a blast at Disney Quest and had only just scratched the surface they said. Also, they had eaten lunch at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe on the West-Side and they were really disappointed. They said it didn’t even come close to the Marketplace location where we had eaten the night before.

Also, this was the meal that the excess of the DDP (when done rite :laugh:) really started to kick in. We normally have a variety of restaurants on the list, but because of the guys and their appetites, I had booked a lot of buffets. Never again! We had just been eating too much this trip, and I don’t think any of us had a huge appetite. Also, I didn’t get a picture with Mickey, because the material around his eye came open while he was taking pictures with our table! Good thing it was all adults, and not little kids. But no biggee, I have plenty of pics with the big cheese.

After dinner, while the guys set off for Disney Quest, we stayed to do some shopping at the Contemporary. I couldn’t seem to find any resort specific merchandise, so we went to DD too and decided to just wait till they were finished and go back to POP together. When we finally met up, everybody but me decided to do the Characters in Flight balloon, and I think they had a decent time although apparently it was freezing at the top.

We tried to wrap it up and get back early because the next day was MK!!