A crazy way to do WDW... "We Did It Our Way!"


I’m back, but too tired to start a TR tonight. But I will tell you a few things that I can’t hold back –

  1. DVC rocks. Honestly, the membership pays for itself in a few trips, and the luxury can’t be beat.

  2. Kidani Village is the ultimate getaway.

  3. I know what giraffes and zebras do in a thunder/lightning storm – saw it with my own eyes.

  4. Renting a car is worth every penny.

  5. No we did not go to MK.

  6. Didn’t go to AK either.

  7. Looove miniature golf at WDW.

  8. Sometimes people smell really bad.

  9. It’s good to try strange new foods.

and finally…

  1. WDW can be even more fun when your kids are teens than when they were little!



YAY!!! :biggrin: Welcome back!!! I am so intrigued by the things you mentioned, I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! (No MK or AK?! Oh my! :eek:)

:heart: Rest up and come back to us soon!


no mk??? How is that possible??? I cannot believe that you could go that close, and not see the castle. I cannot wait to read your TR!!!


OMG, you’re back ALREADY?!?!?! Sheesh!! I am SOOO glad you loved Kidani too! :smile:

#3 is making me nervous though, I know you are tired but I think I need to know the scoop on that one. :noo:

WELCOME BACK!!! :smile:


Yay, yay, yay! I’m loving all of these TRs because it’s getting me so excited for my trip.

Great way to start your TR–I can’t wait to read it!


Welcome home!!!


Yay! Welcome Back! How was the college touring?! Sometimes I think I am going to be as excited as you are when he gets all those acceptance letters!


Well I want to know how you went to WDW and didn’t go to MK. So tired or not, get typing missy.:biggrin:


I have to drive a huge soccer carpool today, so I will be back later to tell all!


Wow, how do you go to WDW and NOT go to MK? Thats always the first park I end up in (though maybe it was because both times Ive been to WDW I had young children with me)


Welcome back. Interesting list so I’m definitely looking forward to your TR.


This TR sounds so interesting I can’t wait to read all about it.:mickey:


Waiting patiently, can’t wait for your TR


Oh My Gosh, leave us in suspense why don’t you. :smile: Welcome back and can’t wait for all the details.


I still want to know what my animal friends do in the bad Florida storms? :sad:


Welcome back! I am so glad to hear that teens have fun in WDW too (I know that they do because I had fun there as a teen, but DH thinks our DVC will go to waste in a few years…Someone tell him how WRONG he is:blink:)

Can’t wait for the TR…I too want to know what the animals do :ohmy:


WHERE THE HECK IS SHE?!?!?! That’s it, I am calling her. :tongue:


Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo…(Jeopardy theme…) :tongue:


I thought that was the theme from the twilight zone. :whistling:laugh:


:laugh: Well I guess it could work either way!! Maybe that’s where MissDis dropped off to…took a little side trip to the Twilight Zone…