A day at disney with a smartphone


A recent post got me curious when another mousebuzzer asked about recharging your phone,I wonder if others would share their info about their smartphone pros and cons,since picture taking and other disney activities somewhat revolve around the phone,I have a samsung focus windows phone,I like it a lot the picture quality is good,and the battery life is great most days it lasts all day,and it syncs seemlessly with my computer,so i can never loose anything on my phone…what phones do you guys have and there pros and cons,might be interesting and enlightening,thanks


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I have an iPhone 4. I have a number of Apps that are park related that let me look up wait times, look up menus, get attraction info and hours, and weather.

The weather app has been great because I can look up were the rain is and how it is moving.

Next would be the restaurant apps that let us find were we want to eat and then make reservations.

I also keep reservation numbers and info in my calendar program so if need be I can set alarms, and reference the information needed.

We also text a lot at the parks. We set up a txt msg with everyone in the group addressed and then just reply back and forth as needed. This allows the group to separate but still stay in ready contact on where to rally for dinner or fireworks (if you don’t have a phone with txt then you need to stick with someone that does…or pony up for txt msg).

I think I was the first person on MB to live blog from the park. I took my original iPhone and had it auto upload photos to a flicker account that I linked to a thread on MB. It is a lot easier today if you want to do that (I have WordPress on my phone and update blogs with that already so doing it from the park would be a breeze).

I have never had a problem with battery life with my iPhone but while at the park I usually don’t talk much on it. The cell antenna is the most power hungry thing on a cell phone. (hint running your battery down will shorten the life of the battery over time. If you can keep your phone charges as much as possible. I use my iPhone all day long, most of the time it is plugged in and I am on my earbuds. Keep it charged and it should last you a long time when you need it out and about).

I use WiFi as much as possible with my iPhone but that isn’t really an option at Disney…I wish AT&T would hotspot the place…


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Of the “big three”, you have lots of options for great phones. Thankfully, all three have the iPhone now, and to me, there isn’t another option. But, I have lots of experience with Android, Windows, and every other flavor in between.

Verizon has the king Magic Kingdom app. It is like the touring plans app, several other Disney apps, and is really tied into the park. Verizon is not my employer (though my wife may work there :wink: ) but I will give them props for a great app.

My company has no Disney specific apps, but our iPhones have great access to the Verizon app and many other fantastic iPhone apps. I could go through the list for hours, there are a ton of fantastic apps for Disney. One trick with the iPhone is that you want Wifi to have the best battery life. However, if you don’t have that, such as in the park, seriously, get the Mophie Juicebox. It is a regular iPhone case with a battery built into the case. I hate carrying my phone in a case, but if I need a 2 day battery, it is the way to go.

Android phones? Still love them a lot, great apps, and some great devices with fantastic cameras, screens, and great services. They are a little more harsh with the battery to me, but you can go on Amazon.com and get larger batteries for a great price. They aren’t the best batteries, but will give you better life than average.

Windows based phones, same thing. Go on Amazon, look for other batteries.

Now, if you really need a battery miser, get a feature phone. The reduced screen abilities, the reduced web abilities, you have batteries that last for days.

Seriously, let me know what device you have, I probably have some great info. Until a few months ago, I was on the device team of one of the big three (still with same company, different role), I am sure I have access to what ever you want to know.