A Disney-decorated vacation home...would you rent?


I ask this not as a random poll, but because this really is going to be one of my ventures a few years or so down the line…

My vacation homes will be Disney themed, in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, and depending on the # of homes I manage, I may offer shuttle to/from the parks & the airport to add to the convenience & economy factors.

I know a lot of DCers love to stay on-site (myself included), but some also have concerns with bigger families…staying on-site becomes a ridiculous expense.

So would you consider renting an off-site Disney-decorated vacation home, and if so, what would you consider a fair cost?


While your idea sounds great, I probably wouldn’t rent a vacation home. I’d rather stay on property, even if it was at one of the value resorts. Too many benefits to pass up.


I would definitly do this, I am actually looking for a place like this right now for if we go there during the summer, the suites at DW are $400 per night or more. If I could get one for around $200-250 pernight we could stay longer.


Well, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to answer this poll but I finally decided on the first option. The reason I had difficulty deciding my answer is that I’d consider a number of variables before actually renting a vacation home. If I were visiting with a large group (10-12) and the home had at least three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms and one of those private, screened-in pools on the patio I would probably rent. If it was a “bargain”, I’d definitely rent.

I dreamed of purchasing a second home in Kissiimmee and renting it out until I could retire, but I do not think that I could make that dream come true (unless I won the lottery.)

Good luck with your venture, Dznygrl!


About 5 years ago at the beginning of 2000 I begged my husband to move to Orlando/Kissimmee area and do just as you were talking. Except, I wanted to buy a duplex and live in one side and rent out the other to vacationing families. I too would have done theme rooms such as Disney, SeaWorld, Universal. (I’m big into theme rooms as my house in Missouri has a different theme in each room, including a Mickey bathroom).

I know there is definately a market for this, not everyone who goes to Orlando wants to stay on Disney property and I’m sure if the price was right, it would definately be a big hit. I am a tightbutt so I would only want to pay $100 or less per night to stay in a vacation home. I too prefer to stay onsite but if I had another family that went with us, this would definately be something I would be interested to do.

Good luck!! Hope it works for you since there wasn’t a snowballs chance for me. HA HA!


I think it sounds like a great thing. I just like the parks so I dont have to worry about getting kids in and out of car seats etc. Right now it better for us to stay in the parks. As kids get older I would consider off site.


Did you two forget to sign out of each others screen names again! I saw this and thought…hmm…this is a little too ‘business minded’ to be kim! I was confused…
but I answered no i wouldn’t rent…because im 23…and I dont really see why I would rent :wub: …and I didnt think it would be nice to tell a lie…
but if i was going to rent…id rent a disney themed house!


We have 3 kids. Two of whom are big boys…teens. and one of them likes to bring his GF on our trips too. Even though we’re not a huge group, we’re still too large a family to fit into a hotel room. We really hate the value resorts, we’d never consider renting two rooms. The homes offer us a perfect alternative. We get lots of space, and a lot of amenities. I always recommend rental homes. And if there’s Disney decorations…even better!

As for price, the closer to WDW, the higher I’m willing to go for price. I figure we pay for the convenience, just like you would pay more for one of the monorail resorts.

I wouldn’t pay more for a house just because it had Disney decorations though.


LOL 'bella! We’re talking VACATION homes, not long-term living. :tongue: You’re funny!

Anywayz, no, this is definitely my venture. It’s something I planned on doing even before I married a real estate man. Now it’s just going to be a lot easier! :whistling


I just… really don’t know. I wouldn’t rent a home right now simply because there’s just 2 of us. If we were to go with a large group of friends, and especially if there’s a pool or grill involved, then we’d definately rent.
The themed rooms kinda get me. I get tired of themes really quickly. But then again, I don’t think we’d be there very often since we’d be out doing stuff. I guess it all depends on what the themed rooms look like. If it’s just wallpaper border and stuffed animals thrown around, no way. But if the walls are painted and textured with knock down or something, and maybe with hidden mickey’s in the wall texture or ceramic tile, then I’d go for it. So, I guess if it’s somewhat discretely themed, I’d do it.


I voted NO just because I love staying on property. There are so many benefits. But I bet a lot of people would. (The non-Disney fanatics!)

I think it sounds like a great idea! :mickey:


I voted no, as well. I live in Fl, so it seems silly to me to rent a home a few hundred miles away…and if I stay overnight in Orlando, it’s to do something Disney, and I would want the benefits of being on Disney property.

It is a good idea, though. I think you’re asking the wrong crowd! LOL!


Don’t worry, I expected the voting results to be exactly the way they are. Erin’s right–I am asking the wrong crowd, and I know that! :laugh: I was looking for exactly what I got…comments/concerns/why you would or wouldn’t be interested! You guys have been a great focus group, thanks.

From where I stand personally, I am one of the people in the “only if I had a big group” boat. And if it was a super-budget trip. Otherwise, I consider myself a hardcore on-site stayer. LOL

To address Victoria’s concern, yes, my houses would be discreetly themed. :mickey: I envision it being somewhat like a toned-down version of the way I would like to decorate my house. Just nice Disney touches, definitely some Hidden Mickeys, oh and YES a pool & grill would definitely be involved. I’m not talking something like the All-Stars as far as theming…:laugh:…but tasteful, subtle themes in each room according to my own design preferences.

Thanks again guys! Like I said, your comments have been a big help.


I wonder if Disney would allow it? I keep thinking of the preschool that had to remove their Mickey Mouse mural. Buying the Disney branded home decorating items would surely be okay… but hidden Mickeys of your own creation? The shape is Disney property that you’d be using to help your personal profits.

I know nothing about this… just wondering. I think it sounds like something I’d really enjoy if I needed a larger space.


This is definitely something I’ve been thinking about, because it’s a very valid point. I would look into it before starting my project, and I can certainly see the Hidden Mickeys being a problem.

But on the other hand, no one would ever have to know they were deliberate, as long as I kept them subtle enough I suppose.


Andrea, one thing I forgot to mention is there are some rental homes that have extra special Disney touches that really catch your eye, like a Mickey shaped pool or hot tub. Those homes are in great demand!


When we go to WDW, we’re not interested in staying off site. We always stay on site. That’s why I voted I would not rent it.


I think this would be a great idea. We are staying off site this trip because it was so much cheaper than getting even two value rooms for our family of 5. I think it would be appealing to people on a budget that still want the Disney experience! My kids would freak out if they got to stay in a house full of Micke’s and Minnies…they would love it and so would I!!


That could be a problem. I didn’t really think about copyright issues. The entertainment room in my parent’s house had a hand-painted Mickey peeking around a corner, gloves in random places, I did a broken glass mosaic on the countertops with Hidden Mickey’s, made the cabinet fixtures with the Mickey head, and made the ceramic tile with Disney designs on them. I guess since we never profited off of it, it wasn’t a big issue. I can see how Hidden Mickey’s in ceramic or mosiac tile could be an issue if you’re renting out the house and getting the money. But if you have wall texture, say knock-down or orange peel, you could EASILY get away with Hidden Mickey’s, especially with the paint being wiped off in areas.


I think initially, there is a good chance that I will only end up renting out one house, and maybe living in it part of the time…so if I don’t run it as a “business” per say, do you think that there would be copyright issues? It wouldn’t be a profit business, just something we would rent out when we’re not using it?

Anyhoo, I will look into all of this. :mickey: Thanks for all the feedback!!