A dragon?


Have any of you been following this weird dragon hunt through the Disney Parks Blog? Seems like this is only a one time thing but I have to admit I thought it was pretty cool. Imagine seeing that thing flying around Fantasyland every night?

Disney Dragon Mission: Accomplished! Gary Finds His Flying, Fire-Breathing Friend in New Fantasyland - YouTube


No idea, but I saw pics of it on facebook as well.


TOO COOL!!! I hope they do it more. Now think about this, what if his fire breath sparked off a new fireworks show in New Fantasy Land??? My DS would be beside himself if he saw this!!


AWESOME!!! Only Disney.


That was cool.I wish I could have seen that in person.The idea of a new fireworks show would be awesome.


I just watched the video where he flew over beasts castle. Amazing!!


Sorry lol just watched the video you posted. It is one in the same lol


On opening day of the NFL, we were told by a CM that this thing would fly daily. We never saw it there, but a few weeks ago I saw a secretly taped video of it on youtube.


There’s gotta be more to this than just the grand opening. there was a lot of hype on their blog about it. i am wondering if they are going to test it out here and there then maybe make it part of avatarland.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. Seems like way too much hype for just one little flight!


Spoke with a cm yesterday and he said in not so direct a manner that it was moving to animal kingdom and to be looking for him in avatarland. He gave us a long story about how gaston and charming were trying to slay the dragon and snow white is protecting him/her. The story goes, they found a bunch of dragon eggs while digging the ground out for the new coaster in fantasy land. Anyway, this cm talked our ears off for about 20 minutes about the dragon and the new coaster so it was quite a lot of info.


…guess this means they are really going forward with Avatarland…:sad:… i will only need half a day in the AK from that point on…