A & E WDW show


I woke up late last night (1am or so) and could not get back to sleep. I founf a WDW special on A & E. What better way to kill time in the middle of the night.


I taped it last night. Haven’t watched it yet but did catch a small piece and it looked really good.


Dang I missed it! I was up till about 11:30…oh well. If you guys see that coming on again, post it so I can see it too please.


Darn it! I always miss the tv specials. I was awake at that time too.


I saw that too only I was watching from 9-10. It was really cool to see some old footage of WDW. :mickey:


I watched it from 9 until 11 last night and it was great. It really showed some behind the scenes thought processes for some of the parks and rides. I only wished that I had taped it.

I need TiVo.


EVERYONE needs TiVo! :laugh:

Of course, you actually have to program the TiVo to catch the specials… :dry:


I believe the special was a repeat of the modern marvels episode on WDW that originally aired several weeks ago. It repeats fairly often.


Going to have to watch listings now…


I caught the last hour of that show.

It’s a real good one that goes into a lot of details on how some of the rides work.


PS - it wasn’t the “moden marvels” show that had been on most recently a few months ago.
It was a lot different. I had never seen this one before, but I don’t think it was brand new though.


GGrrrrrrrrrrrrr… couldn’t sleep last night… went to bed at 3 a.m. … looked for something good on tv…must have skipped past A&E!!!


Could you maybe have called and awoken your DC friends for that? I do not have Tivo, don’t you know :dry:


A and E is selling the show for $ 24.00


I DVRed it last night! I watched part of it, today! It’s REAAAAAAAAALLY good!!


Yeah! Forget going to sleep! Especially after that! :wink:


Sorry, Dopey! :crying: Honestly, I was tired and didn’t want to jump out of bed to hop on DC. And I don’t have Tivo either, which is klling my ability to keep up with LOST.


What you guys saw were two shows, one on Animal Kingdom and the other WDW in general. They were done for the Travel Channel and the WDW show has been shown in HD on Discovery HD. I saw them again last week on Trvael Channel, but not sure of time and day. I can’t begin to tell you how many times these have run. If you did see something on A&E, it WAS the Modern Marvels show because A&E owns History Channel and Modern Marvels is their show. Discovery Channel owns Travel Channel, although the shows are produced by Lighthouse Productions who do lots of stuff for Travel Channel.


aaaaa forgetaboutit…:smile: