A few pictures from our fall '12 trip


After Sandy and 2 cancelled flights we made. (Prayers to everyone hit by Sandy) We were lucky we never lost power/cable, but my sister did and she lives 5 mins away. My mom wasn’t so lucky she just got it back on this Monday. The plus was my little brother came with us and my little sister is away at college. So Tues. afternoon they cancelled our second flight…so we said lets just drive! So after hours looking for my little brother late Tues. night we started driving. I forgot my camera at home, so all the pictures are from my phone.


A few pictures around AoA


My brother 10 (with the sunglasses) and my nephew 4


Great pictures! I’m glad you were able to drive down! Hope you had a great trip, and hoping for more pictures and a report???


Thanks!! Yes, I will post more pictures. I’m not great at reports but I will add comments with the pictures.


Love the AoA photos! Glad you made it through Sandy okay!


Thank You!!


Last few pictures of AoA. We were only there a few hours to sleep before the cruise.


These are great pictures…keep them coming…


Back on The Dream!! While on this cruise we booked another for May '13.


Great pictures. Keep them coming


I am happy you made it through Sandy and so happy your Mom finally got her power back after all that time!

great pics! Keep them coming!


I am loving it, how I wish I could work for Disney doing those cars, sigh…

More PICS ! ! ! !



that’s awesome. I wanna stay there!