A few questions about the Wonder


We are going on a 3 night in 27 days.

Is Pinocchio’s Pizzeria open all day?
Is there dress up night?
I read you can bring your own water and alcohol…is that true?



We did the 4 night on the Wonder back in March. The pizzeria hours are 11:00am to 6:00pm. The dinners are considered “cruise casual” no shorts, t-shirts, open toed shoes but a suit and tie would be too much. The first night we saw people with shorts because of the luggage situation. I do not know about bringing your own drinks. We brought our on sport bottles for water on the excursions.

Nassau is Awesome and Castaway Cay is even more awesome. Have Fun!!!


There is a dress up night,

You can bring your own drinks & the good stuff, but it has to be in your carry on bag, No coolers. The fridge is pretty small