A few questions


First of all, thanks for all your helpful hints! I have a few more questions, I hope I’m not being a board hog!

What’s the weather like first week in March? Should I be packing some jeans and sweatshirts?

What should I pack in my backpack for a day at the parks?

My understanding is, if I’m using Magical express, I just get off the plane and they will get my luggage and deliver it…so I don’t have to worry about my luggage at all?

What do you suggest I pack in my carry on?

Thank you all so much…my travel agent told me to stop calling her…haha!
This is my first trip alone, so I’m a little worried and need all my ducks in a row :slight_smile:


First welcome to MB…

For Magical Express, you get off the plane, check in at the counter (lower level of MCO). They’ll ask if you put the yellow tags on your bags (if not they’ll want your baggage check slips). They’ll stamp your book and then you wait in line for the bus to go to your hotel. Some people like getting their checked bags. Others (like me) don’t bother. It depends when you arrive (for example if you arrive late at night they might not deliver your bags to your room) or if you need something you put in the checked bags. The bags won’t go on your bus with you, they come later (up to 3 hours).

Going to the parks…if you can get away with no bag you’re better off. At the entrance to every WDW park there is a bag search (nothing like the airports) but they do have security look in every bag and most compartments. If you can get away with putting stuff in pockets more power to you. Having gone alone I know it’s not always the option. I take camera and video camera, all things necessary for them. If I’m meeting people cellphone. Wallet. I like getting character autographs so I carry pens and autograph book (I still haven’t grown up). I also end having my refillable mug with me. Can only get soda from the hotels with it. But usually I’m drinking something on the way and when I get to the park I clip it to the bags. Makes life easier because I can fill it at water fountains and don’t have to keep paying $2 for bottled water.

As for carryon…if you’re planning on going to a park right away and don’t want to leave anything with bell service, you’re better off keeping carryon to what you want to cart in the park. Unless you arrive after check-in time (3-4pm depending on hotel/DVC) there’s no guarantee a room will be available for you to drop stuff off. Bell service is an option. I keep my carry on to the stuff I mention above plus the ipod and maybe my WDW passporter or a book. I also bring a hoodie to use as a pillow/blanket because now the airlines aren’t giving you either unless you’re in first or business class.

Enjoy WDW…you’ll have a blast!


Oh and I have no clue about the weather in March. Last week they had a real cold spell and next week they’re projecting mid to upper 70s. I’m still trying to figure out what to bring for my short trip next week. So can’t be of much help to you there. Personally I’d wait until a few days before to commit but I’ve been known to back the same day (but don’t tell Dana, our MB packing goddess, that!)

  1. Get a new travel agent!!!

  2. Backpack - water bottle (you can re-fill it at fountains), snacks, change of shirt (I learned this from tennis and marathoning-changing your t-shirt after hours on your feet can make you feel refreshed), deodorant (please), change of socks (same as shirt), baby wipes, and vaseline (also learned from marathoning), and camara with extra batteries…most of those are small items and will leave room for purchases.

  3. I drive there so I can’t say about the other

  4. They do check your bag going into the park, but it was well worth the little trouble and time to have the stuff there. IMHO


Well, in a normal year, the weather in March is fairly warm - shorts and tee shirt weather. However, in this really odd year we’ve been having, you never know. You probably want to throw some jeans and a sweatshirt just in case.

I recommend a backpack - not a full-size one, but a small version (draw strings are good) will work. Fill it with: water bottle, snacks, mints/gum, hand sanitizer, mini first aid kit (ibuprofen, neosporin, anti-itch cream, band-aids, dramamine, chapstick), sunscreen, camera and batteries, pen/pencil, autograph book if your son intends to collect autographs

As for ME, never used it, but it looks like Zefyr’s got you covered.

Carry-on… for the plane? Well, other than typical carry-on items (magazines, iPod, etc.), many suggest throwing in swimsuits in case you want to go to the pool once you arrive… maybe flip-flops, as well. That’s about all I can think of.

Have fun at WDW!


Weather for the first week of March can be in the 60s to 70s. At least it has been in the past 3 years when we have gone. On the colder side, we would wear sweatshirts for the morning, and then shorts and a shirt under it. The little kids could get away with a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. Most of the time we did the shorts with jacket/sweatshirt route. By 10am, we took off our sweatshirt… it was helpful to have in case you were there at night and it got cold…

We always bring a backpack… those lines are nothing this time of year. They do check it, and you can bring snacks… but like I told my friend, they are not looking for goldfish in there… they are looking for more potent stuff. It holds the camera (take a ziplock bag) on wet rides, or if it decides to rain that day… then no worries about it getting ruined.

Have fun- you are going at a FABULOUS time of year… Low crowds and great weather-shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone else-ha!

Have a great trip.


It looks like everyone else has answered your questions pretty thoroughly, so I just wanted to say HAVE FUN!! You are going to WDW soon, and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world! :happy:

Please take lots of pics and/or notes to share with us when you come back. We can never get enough! :biggrin:


We pack a change of clothes and something to sleep in in our carry on so we can manage if our bags are delayed. I usually mix clothes up so no one would be totally w/o clothes if one of our bags got lost, everyone would have a few days of clothes in every suitcase just in case.


I take a smaller sized backpack. (a friend is making me a Vera Bradly type that is going to be made out of some Disney resort fabric I got off E-bay!:happy:) So I fill it with sun block, camera, cell phone, plastic bag for cell and camera while on water rides, sharpie and book for autographs, travel pack of baby wipes, band-aids, rain poncho, resort key to kingdom, Id, money and don’t forget change for the press penny machines! (buy some mini M&M’s that come in the tube before your trip. Then layer 2 quarters and one penny repeating until you have filled the tube. That way you are all ready to place the money in the machine with out searching for it!)
Hope you have a Super Great Trip!:mickey:

And Welcome To MouseBuzz!


Don’t worry about asking too many questions here - that what this Board is all about.

Personally, I don’t like backpacks. They’re a pain, having to take it off for every ride, getting something, etc. Try to find an across the shoulder mid-sized bag. Canvas is good, but I also have a small leather one I use. It’s good if it has several sections. I take my park ticket, money, id. in a small billfold - zip it into one of the compartments. Camera, hand sanitizer, sunscreen. A bottle of water. Maybe a snack. That’s about it.

As for weather - it’s hard to say. I’ve been at WDW for 2 weeks now - the first week was at the freezing mark some days - this week it’s in the 80’s. I rarely take jeans - jeans aren’t comfortable. For long pants I take yoga pants. Usually a matching long-sleeved zipped top is good. But in March, I’d pack mosty capri pants, and tee shirts. Maybe a coupe long sleeved tees. A sweatshirt. And a poncho for rainy days. You can get one at the Dollar Store or Walmart - but if you want to go all Disney, buy one at the parks or resorts for $5.00. Good walking shoes are a necessity - and a pair of sandals or flipflops for around the resort and pool.


Welcome to MB!!

Everyone seems to have given you most of the info you need, so I’m just going to add a quick reminder. Because you may be separated from your luggage for a few hours, make sure to include any prescription meds in your carry-on. It makes things much easier.