A good seafood resturant


We are narrowing down the places we want to eat during our trip in July. I would like some suggestions on a good seafood restaurant on Disney property. Thanks everyone!


I like the Fulton’s Crab House in downtown Disney.


If you like shellfish Fulton’s is a good choice,it has more items on the menu than most of the Disney owned restaurants. (Fulton’s is not Disney-owned) If you love steamed crab legs then head over to the Cape May Café at the Beach Club. They are a featured item on the daily buffet. We also enjoy the fish dishes at Narcoosee’s located over the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort in the Flying Fish Café located at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. If you are on the deluxe dining plan as we typically are it’s important to note that lobster is available at Narcoosee’s but it is a two-point restaurant as is Flying Fish.


Mmmm cape may:wub::wub:


Cape May for us too- excellent sea food buffet.


All of what spectro said. Out of those, Fulton’s in DTD and Clam Bake at the Beach Club are our favorites, I think :wacko:


Sadly, I find Cape May to be very disappointing where “seafood” buffets are concerned. Their offerings have some huge gaping holes in what is expected from a seafood buffet (in the southeastern US).
That isn’t to say it’s bad, just limited and lacking a wider variety of seafood items.

I’d say Fulton’s. Also Todd English’s bluezoo in the Dolphin has some interesting seafood. I too like Flying Fish and Narcoossee’s, but keep in mind that all Disney restaurants have limited their menus to about 10 entrees at the most to streamline the kitchen operations.


Fulton’s last we were there it was very good,Cape may for a reasonably priced buffet type,we love narcoosees but the seafood is expensive and just Ok …like someone posted disney has streamlined their menus,and you can get slightly different choices of basically the same dish


bluezoo is very pricey, but an amazing room and likely the best seafood in the area. Flying Fish is also good. But for us, Fulton’s is a tradition, because we’ve gone every year since our college kids were in preschool!


Never been to Bluezoo or Fulton’s but I’d like to try them both. I thought that Flying Fish was very beautiful and I enjoyed my meal. My dh not so much - but he generally finds fault with every restaurant he eats at. Very depressing.


I just read that Cape May cafe will be closed for the summer…WDWMagic.com


We may have to venture off property to Joe’s Crab Shack…


I don’t even eat seafood but Daniel does and he would definately say Cape May Cafe. He also loved every seafood dish he ordered at Olivia’s, but they aren’t like a ‘seafood restaurant.’


Whaaaaa? How strange.


Yep, but just from July 9th thru Aug.4th so not to bad.


What a crazy time of year to go down!

I vote Flying Fish My all-time favorite Disney restaurant!

Also, and I know I will be in the majority here, but I :heart: Coral Reef. I have never had a bad meal there!


What about Coral Reef? Not bad.


See the post above yours. # 16 :wink:


I have read all the menus to the restaurants ya’ll have suggested. Thank you everyone for your input!


Sooooo…what restaurant did you pick?