A Goofy Question



Since you are a great friend of Goofy’s, where we can find him during the week of the 12 - 19 of September? We are going to WDW and I was wandering where I can find him to say hello. If I find him, I will tell him to say hello to you also, since you too are best of friends.


Oh I hope he lets you know soon … we were lucky enough to meet Rowdy’s friend Goofy and it was memorable !


Where you can you meet Goofy? It may be easier to say where you can’t meet Goofy :laugh: OK here’s a list where one can look to find Goofy. Please note always subject to change. Let’s see, places where you can probably meet Goofy:

Magic Kingdom:
Town Square
Splash Mountain

Character Connection
Mission: Space

Disney/MGM Studios:
The Hat

Animal Kingdom:
Camp Minnie-Mickey

Contemporary Breakfast

Beach Club Breakfast

Grosvernor Breakfast (not a Disney resort but Goofy dresses like Sherlock Holmes with Pluto!)

All the Parades!

That’s all that’s coming to mind at the moment. Hope you can find him. And me :wink:


:slight_smile: get Rowdy Goofy … of all the autograph books Aloha_stitch has …her favorite is the one signed by Rowdy’s friend Goofy at CM’s !!