A goofy renting points question


Ok, so it is looking like we will need to rent some points to cover part of our big family vacation in 2011.

Basically we need 24 points to make up the difference between the points needed for the rooms we are booking and the points we have. However, the points per night at the smallest room we are booking is 20 points. Since renting DVC points means making another reservation in the DVC member’s name, I am assuming that I can’t use rental points to cover a part of one night, correct? So we will need to rent 40 points to cover two nights in the Studio and just end up with some leftover unused points in our own account? Does that seem correct?


Goofy doesn’t need to rent points. He lives there.

LOL oh hahahaha! Couldn’t help myself!


Things are really tight…even the characters don’t get a free accomidations any more. But they DO get CM discounts. :laugh:

You can rent 20 points from someone and make it two reservation. As long as they are the same unit size and view member services should be able to link they so that you only have to check in once.

The other option is to see if you can get someone to transfer the 24 points to you. You only get 1 transfer per year, in or out so a lot of people don’t really like to do transfers.