A Halloween Party and Tons of Food from the F&W Festival


As a last minute decision, (and when I mean last minute, I mean under the 180 day ADR window) DH and decided to take a 6 day trip to WDW to celebrate our 1st anniversary. It definitely helped that we got a great package rate, and that we both love eatin’, so the Food & Wine Festival was an extra bonus.

After frettin over speculations of October being crazy busy and not being able to secure Le Cellier ressies (thank you to all that listened to me whine and lose my head), I decided to just go with the flow and that any ‘bad’ day at WDW was still a day out of work and in the World.

We hauled our tuckuses out of bed at 4AM for a 7AM flight out of Newark and was off to WDW on Tuesday, October 21st.

During the flight, I made some wishes:
–Smaller crowd levels than was reported the week before
–Magical CM’s, since everyone seems to be complaining about them
–Great food at the Festival, as well as Jiko, R&C, and Chefs de France
–No rain during Mickey’s NSSH Party
–To not be put alllllllllllllll the way in the back of AS: Music, where Broadway is located.

Having 3 out of the 5 wishes granted is pretty good, right? :happy:


Day 1:
Even as we were going through security check at Newark, I noticed the droves of young children in Mickey outfits or dragging lil cute Mickey carryons. I got a lil worried at the prospect of so many people headed to MouseWorld, even within my own flight. Would MouseWorld be just as nuts?

Upon landing at Orlando and waiting for ME, my anxiety only increased. There were line after line after line of people waiting to load onto the buses, and there were about 5 buses. :eek: Though this many not be a shocker to people who have visited during the summer, my last visit was in January, so this was definitely scary.

I tried to just get in the spirit though, watching the video and marveling at how the bus was hooked up to GPS and knew when to play the video (call me easily amused), but I was still worried that I chose the wrong time of year to go, and that Hubby would kill me and never let me book another vacay.

We arrived at the AS:Music and checked in around 12, and was off to wait for a bus going to Epcot. There was already a line of about 10 people waiting, and Hubby innocently stated, ‘Wow, I guess Epcot is a popular place for lunch’. Mm hm. Indeed. We had ressies at R&C, and I was just hoping crowds would be okay, since according to the crowd level report, it’d only be a 4. Ye-ah, not so much.


oooh. Sounds like the crowd levels weren’t on the good list.

Can’t wait to hear the good parts. :wink:


We arrived, and line to get in was insane! I saw nothing but people, people, and more people! I thought I was going to freak out, (okay, I know, I’m neurotic – so sue me) but DH had this great big smile, and seemed to be…okay. :blink: I guess all this time, I was worrying for nothing, b/c though there were schloads of people, neither of us melted into a gooey mass, had our heads explode a la Beeker, or something similarly narsty. No, we were fine and this made me determined to just relax and have a good time, despite all the misbehavin kids and rude adults there. :glare:

But here’s our happy photo. :happy: I decided to shell out for the photopass CD ahead of time (again, thanks for all those discussions) because I was tired of being photographed alone, or having DH pose all alone. Oh yes, you like our anniversary button??


Great photo! A happy couple at WDW. What could be better?


Day 1 cont’d.

As you can see from the happy photo, it was sunny, hot, and grand. :happy: Coming from (at that point) chilly and crisp northern Jersey, this was a treat! I then proceeded to ooh and aaah at the Food & Wine Festival setup, especially the Alice n Wonderland displays, and humming along to the Alice/Wonderland songs from the movie. Nothing gets you in a better mood than wishing each other a very merry unbirthday to me, no, to you! :laugh:

We weaved our way up towards the UK for our 1st ressie of the trip, Rose & Crown. Hubby loves him some fish n chips, but he swore he would not get it at the restaurant, and would reserve that for the fish n chips stand. But here are a few photos of our way towards the R&C. All along the way there were too cute signs for the F&W Festival.

That last picture is what happens when boys get near London telephone booths. It’s in the Y chromosome.


We then headed to the beloved Rose & Crown.

We were seated outside, near the water, and had a wonderful CM, Chris, who was extremely accommodating and nice.

And now…the first of many, many food porn photos:

Indian-spiced Chicken Salad: Mixed Greens, Caramelized Onions with Shallott Vinaigrette topped with a Cucumber-Yogurt Drizzle. Okay, before you roll your eyes that I had a salad, and a curry salad at that, lemme tell you that I originally had reservations too, but this was actually really good, and even Mike liked it. The chicken was tandoori baked, with heavy spices. The dressing was an Indian yogurt sauce that was freshened up by some mint. And the whole salad was just huge. There were also caramelized shallots in there, that gave it a really savory taste. The intense spices were balanced out by the minty yogurt dressing. Also really good.

Sheperd’s Pie: Ground lamb with carrots topped with mashed potatoes and cheddar cheese. This was Mike’s main dish (we shared everything). It looked small, and Mike scoffed at it, but it is DENSE. It was also very, very good, with that comfort food yumminess. The meat base was lamb, but it didn’t have the overly lamby gaminess to it. The potato was creamy, with mini chunks in it, and the cheddar was enough to get this twang of cheese flavor. Really good.

Since we were on the DDP, we also were entitled to dessert, but we were SO stuffed, that we asked Chris if it would be okay to just get some sort of fruit plate, which he very nicely accommodated. Overall, a great start to our gastronomic vacay. :happy:


Day 1, cont’d, MNSSHP

We woke up at 4AM, so after some brief pin trading and picking up a R&C shirt for hubby, we moseyed on our way back to the hotel for a nap, since we planned to stay out late for the Halloween Party!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was going to Snow White, but hubby isn’t the dressing up type, so he opted to just be a tourist from NJ. Far fetched, I know, but if you used your imagination hard enough, you’d be able to see it. :laugh:

Anyways, waiting on bus line to get to MK, a lady asked if her daughter could say hello to Snow White, and for a full second, I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, why wouldn’t she be able to say hello to Sno…ohhhhh, me!’. And then I understood (at least kinda), what CMs do as a character – they have to be ‘on’ at all times, and they’re representing this much worshipped and full of tradition character. It’s a heavy, heavy burden, I must say. But since I was only Snow White (and an unofficial one at that) for a few hours I tried to be my sweetest and waved at the little cute girl, who was dressed up as Aurora, but, as her mommy put it, ‘She doesn’t have princess hair yet because she won’t let her mommy brush her hair and do princess hair!’. :laugh: As we were saying goodbye, I tried to encourage mini-Aurora to get her princess hair done by mommy, and she gladly agreed and ran back to mom. A total cutie, she was. But before any of you yell at me for being a fake Snow White and that Disney would get real mad at me for doing what I did – I only did it for that little girl because it was just her and her mom asked, and we weren’t at the parks yet – though I realize I was on Disney property. I didn’t do it the rest of the night, and knew I wasn’t supposed to. I was being a good girl, like Snow White. :angel:

Anyways… MK was done up to the hilt! (As expected), and here are a couple pics of the entrance area:


Cuuuuute TR!!! :heart:
I love your pictures of the F&WF Alice decorations - I couldn’t get any decent ones when I was there. Yours are awesome! Oh, and I totally would have played the part of Snow White for that little girl too - you must have completely made her night. :wub:


Did I mention that there were many, many other Snow Whites at the Party? Yep, all of the clones (including myself) were congregated at the gate, near the giant pumpkin Mickey. I called us the ‘evil twins’. The entrance had lots of fog and creepy music. It was really exciting, at least for me. :goofybounce:

Here’s also a Mickey Ghost that was on the way towards Liberty Square:

And here’s a photo of me n hubby in front of the creepy looking Castle.

What, you’ve never seen a Chinese Snow White? Well everyone has their firsts.

Here’s our photo with Sleeping Beauty & Prince Philip:

Apparently, Cinderella & Prince Charming had to pee, so Aurora & Prince Philip came to take a picture with us instead; they were very kind and warned me not to eat the apple. :blush:


Right next to Mr. n Mrs. Prince Philip was Cinderella’s Carriage. We would have taken it for a lil Halloween spin 'round the Kingdom, but I highly doubt it would have fit my right thigh, let alone hubby n me.

We went to cop a squat for the parade, and as many people have pointed out, the graveyard diggers were the best! We were sitting down, and some of the kids were so freaked out that the shovels and sparks would get close to them that they ran and hid behind their parents. :redface: But it was a really cute parade (though not as good as some of their regulars IMHO), and here’s Goofy, who wrapped up the whole parade in his candy-mobile that blew out bubbles!


Hallowishes was very well done! I loved the eerie colors the Castle took on, and the villain songs that were used, since we don’t usually get to hear those. But here’s a chain of fireworks photos, since one of my favorite things at the World (besides food, teeeheheheh) is the fireworks.


And just a feeeeeeew more:

I told you I loved dem fireworks. FIRE, FIRE!!!


But overall, for the party at least, it was crowded, but not too insane. Mostly lil kids, and I didn’t see anything obscene or too scary. It was really cute and fun, and hubby and I were glad we did it. I actually didn’t go trick or treating, since the lines were crazily long. Dinner was at Cosmic Ray’s, and the food was just ‘eeehhh’, but hey, it’s counter service, and as long as it was decent, then it did its job. We were there for the atmosphere that night, and Disney delivered in spades.

We did: HM, Buzz’s, SpcM, BTMR, and Monster’s INC LF, the parade, where we caught the headless horseman (!), and Hallowishes. Wasn’t too loaded of a night, but we felt like we walked for miles, and enjoyed ourselves. The best was definitely Haunted Mansion, followed closely by BTMR, since I’ve never been in the dark before, and it was scary and thrilling. Couldn’t see the tracks the way you would during the day time, and the bats in the cave as you emerged were just scary. It was SO FUN!!

By the way, a lil tip for you ladies (and men too, if it floats your boat) – wearing poofy princess dresses and loading/unloading rides made for a very clumsy princess. I was as graceful as possible, but sometimes, I would just poof in weird places, and the CM that loaded me in SpcM was laughing as he pressed my dress in. :blush:


On our way home on the Disney bus, there were many, many tiny princesses asleep in their mommy or daddy’s arms. Unfortunately, yours truly was not a tiny princess, and did not want to crush the hubby. Still, I wish I could have been sleeping like the lil princesses, though I could have sworn I had a very un-princess-like wad of drool in the corner of my mouth, since I fell KINDA asleep on hubby.

Walking through the hotel, I was a lil pouty, since our hotel room was ALLLLLLLLLllllll the way at the end of the hotel property, and my feet and legs were not happy that it wasn’t quite ‘break time’ for them yet. We had gorgeous weather for the Halloween Party, though, so if the hotel room was in the boonies of AS:Music, then so be it. (This was Day 1, when I was feeling much more generous and forgiving. Ask me how I felt on Day 5).

Will be posting Day 2 tomorrow…


LOL… “food porn” oh man!

The pics are terrific, especially that spiced chicken dish. Wwwaaahhhh… did it come witha recipe?


The pictures from MNSSHP look great! We went on Oct. 26. I had a blast!


Those were great pictures from the MNSSHP! Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves.


Enjoying all your pictures and TR. Looking forward to more. BTW, I think you make a very cute Snow White. I can see why the little girl took as the real thing.


nice food pics and I love your apple purse