A Hoop-Dee-Doo Question


The kids really want to do a dinner show this trip and they have decided on HDD. My question is, we already had 12 of our 13 restaurants pick and no one is willing to budge on the one that they wanted, is category 2 worth 2 credits? should we pay oop for a breakfast and then use that credit with our remaining credit for HDD or should we pay for HDD and get Cat. 1 seating?


We had no problem with Category 2 seating. Still a great view of the show. Personally I would pay OPP for a breakfast and the use credit for Cat. 2.


Pay out of pocket for your two cheapest meals and book HDD and use your DDP.


Honestly, we did Category 3 last year (balcony) and it was the best! Seriously, we were right over the crowd, not surrounded by people, and it was the best view. We were even brought into the show 2 times. Honestly, and I have reservations for this June again, I wouldn’t want anything but Cat 3 and it is covered by the Dining Plan too. We loved our seats. I have some pix somewhere probably if you want to see the view. We really felt bad for the Cat 1 guys right by the piano. It was loud where we were, I cannot imagine being right beside it. Fun show!


Thanx for the info, I haven’t seen the floor plan but balcony seating sounds wonderful. We will probably go that root then and use the dinning plan for it!!!

How many tables deep is the balcony seating? Can you see from anywhere?


You can see from anywhere. We were the 3rd table from the stage on the side up top, and there were 2 more past us. So, turned sideways I am guessing it is 5-6 tables deep and then the ones across the back. They have great views too. The ones on the floor in back, I would honestly say they have a worse view than the ones up top. But, that is just me. We definitely want to sit up top personally.


Definatly make it happen so you can book HDD! We managed to get a cancellation last trip for a Cat 1 table and wow, we were blown away! One of the best nights out we’ve had in WDW! The way the place is designed, Id go as far as to say that any table is a good table, the actors come out into the crowd alot on both the floor and the balcony and get everyone involved! The food was pretty tasty too, especially the ribs! All Category seats are 2 TS credits I think!


We were the ones right by the piano when we were there in August. The piano player was really nice and chatted with us all night. Our DD (10) loved :wub:being right there. This was our 3rd time.

Our 1st time was still the best seats IMO we were cat 2 balcony right in the middle beside the light guy.

We didn’t like the cat 3 seats with our backs to the stage.


I agree with CJtownman. The one time that DW and I went we had balcony and we paid for it out of pocket but it was a great view. You can get a lot of pictures with no one in front of you. It was great if I go to the show again i’m doing the balcony.


Hey, one other thing, if I am not mistaken last year you could get the Cat 3 on the 9:30 show for one credit. If this is true, that is a good deal. The beer is all you can drink, that is a good thing! :wink: