A little at a time trip report


Here goes…

We decided that since we booked the 5 day/4 night Magic Your Way with Dining package to take the EARLIEST flight we could get so we didn’t waste half a day. That meant that DW and I had to wake DS up at 4 AM. He did NOT want to get up. Then we told him that it was time to go see Mickey. Well, that did it! He was up and dressed before I even poured the coffee! Our flight left Atlantic City 5 minutes early at 6:55 and arrived in Orlando 10 minutes early at 8:50. From the airport we all (me, DW, DS, and my parents) went to the Hertz counter to get the minivan. We arrived at ASMo at around 10:45 and registered. Lo and behold, our rooms were ready! I could NOT believe that they were ready so early. After moving our luggage into our rooms we hopped the bus to MK.

1st stop: Haunted Mansion. The line looked long, but after 15 minutes of waiting patiently we were on the 1st ride of this WDW trip! My DS flipped out a little at the beginning and we thought we were going to have to leave the ride and have him sit it out. When we calmed him down he LOVED it! Next stop: turkey legs. We waited in line longer for turkey legs than for several of the rides we went on during the week.

After the turkey legs we headed across the park to get on Stitch’s Great Escape and Buzz Lightyear. The lines for both were over 1 3/4 hours so we skipped them (for the time being) and headed over to the Indy track. I took 1 car and my father and DS were in the 1 behind me. Let me tell you…NEVER let a 4 year old drive! :laugh: If it weren’t for the rail he would have never been on the track!

After that we decided to head back to the resort to freshen up and decide on dinner. When we got back to the hotel we realized that the refrigerator that we needed (DW’s medication needs to be kept refrigerated) never showed up. After a quick call to the front desk a CM brought 1 up about 10 minutes later. We decided to go to EC and hit the fish & chips place in England for a quick bite. The CM at the counter did not seem to know what to do with our Disney Dining plan when we handed her the cards. That was quickly sorted out and we had a delicious quick meal.

After dinner we wandered around the World Showcase and waited for Illuminations to start. Unfortunately, after being up for 17 hours without a nap, DS was kind of cranky and thought the noise from the fireworks was too loud and wanted to go back to the hotel.

We took the bus back to the hotel and about 2 hours later DS [I]FINALLY[/I] fell asleep. He kept saying how tired he was, but was sooooo wound up that he couldn’t sleep! DW & I were asleep shortly after him.

So ended day 1 at WDW. :mickey:


I need day 2!!!


Was there anything going on on day 2? I’d like to know, CC. :smile:


Great report so far! I can’t wait to read day two!


Sounds like you all have a long and fun day… Cant wait to hear all about Day 2…


So starts day 2:

We woke up with the traditional Mickey Mouse wake up call at 7:00. My DS was soooo excited to hear from Mickey! After the morning routine we hopped the bus for MK and our 9:15 PS at CP for breakfast. We arrived at MK and saw a HUGE line waiting since the park wasn’t open yet. UH OH! We asked a CM and were told to go around the line to the right and tell them we had a PS and they’d let us in. Too bad none of the rides were open! I have NEVER seen MK so deserted! We arrived early for our PS so we sat outside enjoying the lovely weather. We were seated at 9:05 and Tigger was at our table by 9:07. After making the rounds at the buffet and having all of the characters stop by we were out the door at 10:15 ready to start our day!

1st stop: Stitch’s Great Escape. We waited a whole 15 minutes in line for this ride. When we went through “training” my DS was excited and couldn’t wait to get in. Then when we went into the theater he decided that it wasn’t for him. My father took him out and me, DW, and my mom sat through the presentation. Boy does Stitch need a TicTac!

Next stop: Buzz Lightyear. We waited another whole 15 minutes for this ride. My DS did much better on this one. He rode with Mom-mom and Pop-pop in the car behind me and DW. I couldn’t hear the soundtrack over him yelling at Zurg and laughing through the whole ride!

After Buzz Lightyear DS decided he wanted to go back to his Woody Hotel and take a break. We hopped the bus and rode back to ASMo for lunch in the food court and a little rest.

When the rest was over we decided to head over to MGM for dinner at the 50’s Primetime Cafe. What an experience! 1st off, I got scolded by the CM at the counter for not having a PS. We waited 25 minutes for our table. When we sat down Uncle Tim came over and told us to set the table. He was pretty funny. He kept calling my DS Scooter and my DS kept yelling at him that his name wasn’t Scooter, it is Patrick :laugh: . My dad had fried chicken, mom had pot roast, DW had meatloaf, DS had chicken fingers and french fries (he lives on those), and I had meatloaf. It was delicious! Uncle Tim had to make the airplane to try to get my mom to finish her meal! She wasn’t allowed to have dessert :laugh: . It’s funny when the tables are turned!!!

After dinner we went over to Star Tours. BIG mistake! We had never ridden that 1 and didn’t know what to expect. Well, don’t go on that right after a big meal!! :laugh: After the ride DW ran to find a rest room while mom, dad, and I tried to corral DS who was running around telling everyone how much he enjoyed the ride and that he’s brave since he’s 4 :laugh: :wacko:

Next was Muppets 3D. That was cool! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a while. DS didn’t like the part where Fozzy squirts the audience with the flower. DS LOVED the part with the bubbles and was running up and down the side aisle to pop them all :laugh: .

After Muppets we wandered around MGM a little but a lot of stuff was closed already because it was after 7:00. We tried to get to Playhouse Disney and that was surrounded by the “Please pardon our appearance” wall so I don’t know if it was closed for the night or under rehab.

We hopped the bus for ASMo at that point and arrived back at DS’s Woody Hotel at about 8:45-ish. We stopped into the food court for a quick snack and headed back to the rooms. DS was worn out but wouldn’t go to sleep until almost 11:00!!!

So ended day 2…

Coming on day 3: Chef Mickey’s, Biergarten, and more!!!


more more more…I need more
Great report!


I’m really enjoying this. But tell me, what dates were your trip?


Glad to see the Mickey Mouse wake up call is back in action!!! He was gone last time and we were woken up to regular old music…not even disney music!
I cant wait to hear about Beirgarten!! I am patiently awaiting for thr est and pictures!! Love the TR so far!!


What a great day! CP is the perfect way to start the day.


April 4-8 at WDW, then April 9-11 various other places in Florida.

Now for day 3…

The traditional Mickey Mouse wake up call came in at 7:00, but this time Stitch decided to interrupt Mickey! My DS was laughing too hard to tell us what was happening! After the morning ritual we hopped the bus for MK, then the Monorail for the Contemporary for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. This is where the trouble started :sad: . For some reason my DS started having…ummmm…let’s say “intestinal problems” while we were waiting in line for the picture. After a frantic run to the bathroom and an equally frantic search for some clean clothes, we got our picture taken and were immediately seated. The area we were seated in was all the way in the front of the resort so we had an AWESOME view of the castle while we ate. After the characters made the rounds we did the Monorail-to-bus thing again and went back to ASMo. We decided that due to circumstances we would go to DTD since we figured it would be easier to get DS to a bathroom should the need arise (and it did).

1st stop: Lego Land. After driving over to DTD we stopped in Lego Land. DS had a blast and was there for an hour playing with the various Legos and other kids. He only left for his bathroom breaks and even then reluctantly. But he was soon back to his Lego building. DW & I left DS in the capable hands of his grandparents and went shopping in the World of Disney store where DW bought me a new Mickey watch (the 1 with the black face and Mickey half outlined in silver a la Alfred Hitchcock).

2nd stop: McDonalds. We stopped in for a quick bite (DS was jonesing for chicken McNuggets). We got a kick out of the sounds coming from the soda dispensers.

3rd stop: Disney’s Days of Christmas. Just a little shopping. I don’t think we bought anything there.

4th stop: the fountain outside Disney’s Days of Christmas. DS was SOAKED! He was running in and out of the squirting bricks for half an hour! He even got my mom to chase him around!

5th stop: Ghirardelli’s. DW wanted some chocolate so we stopped in for a chocolate bar and a couple of bottles of water. After this we drove back to ASMo to relax a little and contemplate dinner.

While resting I had an epiphany and called Disney Dining for a PS at Biergarten. This was at 4:50. They gave us a PS at 5:45. I called over to mom & dad’s room to tell them and then woke up DS & DW. We hopped the bus over to EC. After we got off the bus we basically sprinted across the park to get to Biergarten in time. We made it with 7 minutes to spare! We were seated immediately but DS had a little mishap. So DW & my mom ran him to the restroom for a quick change. I could not believe the food! I was in heaven! I must have gone to the buffet 7-8 times at least!!! Our waiter was good. He was from Munich and said he’s been living in Florida for 25 years, but still had an accent (I don’t know why I was surprised at that). When I asked him what kind of beer they had he replied “Well, we have German beer”. I felt like I was back at 50’s Primetime Cafe! So he recommended a wheat beer and I loved it. I even went to 5 liquor stores here looking for it until I finally found one that carried it! About half way through our meal the band came out and played. That was amazing. I can’t remember what the big horns they were playing are called, but as a former horn player I was awed by the variety of pitches they could play without any keys!

After Biergarten we wandered around World Showcase for a little while and ultimately wound up in front of Test Track. I hadn’t gotten to ride that before so my dad and I got in line. WOW! It was worth the hour wait! What a cool ride! I wanted to go back and ride again but the line was still over an hour so we decided to call it quits for the day and made our way back to ASMo.

Once again, we were all exhausted, but DS didn’t fall asleep until well past 11:00.

So ended day 3 at WDW… :mickey:

Coming on day 4: Animal Kingdom and some pretty scary thunder storms.


WOW Sounds like you had a Blast… Sorry to hear that Patrick wasnt feeling well. Any idea what caused it?
You will have to let me know more about Biergarten, DH wanted to go there the last time and we couldnt get a PS for the day that we wanted.

How was your dad on test track? Was he ready to get out his ticket book and start writing? LOL :tongue: :eek: :ohmy: (Just being silly)


Poor little DS!!! Was it the Mickey Pops? They are HIGHLY suspect IMHO. When you ate at Biergarten, did you have a Spaten? Was that the beer you searched for?

It doesn’t seem like DS’ tummy trouble dampened his day, what a little trooper!:mickey:


Sounds great! Keep it coming!


Just a quick answer to your questions (more TR later)…
We have NO idea what caused the tummy problems. It all of a sudden started Wednesday and then stopped just as quickly on Saturday.

I don’t remember the name of the beer. It started w/ f. Franz-somenthing I think. I remember it said weissbier on the glass.

He was a trooper. He’d have a problem, then (after the clean up) he’d run to the next ride! We couldn’t keep up!! :mickey:


Franziskaner Hefeweissen Spaten Weissbier. When I used to bartend, we just called it Spaten for practical purposes:laugh: That’s a GREAT beer. I tried Lowenbrau yesterday for my first time, you should definitely try that next time you go.

Also, as I recall, they don’t give you a lemon in Spaten at Biergarten, (and I’m not usually one for fruit in my beer) but if you squeeze a slice of lemon into that beer, it’s a totally different brew - you should definitely try it if you’ve found some and brought it home.

3 days of intestinal difficulties!?!?!!? What a nightmare! That’s really great that he didn’t let it get him down though. Kids are so much more resilient than adults sometimes.


Yup…that’s it! I had to wait until I was home from work to pull a bottle from the fridge and check it out :biggrin:

Now for day 4…

We slept in Thursday. We woke up to the Mickey wake up call at 8:00. This morning the morning ritual was followed by breakfast in the resort food court (why are the eggs always so runny??). After that we hopped the bus for Animal Kingdom.

We really weren’t too sure as to what DS was going to feel up to that morning. All he really expressed interest in when we looked at the brochures was the jungle safari. When we got into AK we made our way back through Africa and into the line for the safari. After a wait of almost an hour we boarded our truck to head out into the African savannah. For some reason I assumed that this was going to be just your ordinary ooh-aah look at the animal experience. I did NOT expect the shaking bridges and the pursuit of the poachers. DS loved it! He was laughing at our driver and yelling at the poachers as we passed their camp. He REALLY got into it! After we left the safari we got some snacks at a refreshment cart. The CM’s there actually have little PDA-looking things to swipe the Disney Dining card through. Pretty neat. While we were waiting in line, DS decided that his tummy was upset again and DW and he sprinted to the nearest restroom. They arrived just in time.

Well, at that point the skies started looking awfully dark and since the entire area was under a severe thunderstorm warning we decided to head back to the hotel for a rest. Now, I don’t want any of you to think that we’re afraid of a little weather, but these were the same storms that set off all of the tornadoes in Louisiana the day before so we figured better safe than sorry. While back in our rooms we watched the Weather Channel and saw the most amazing thing…while watching the radar picture, the line of storms actually appeared to be splitting and going AROUND WDW!! :ohmy: Was this Disney magic at work?? I don’t know, but it was really cool to watch on the radar. We decided that maybe we should go back out. DS decided that he wanted to go to the candy shop at DTD West Side so…

Into the van we went for another trip to DTD. After parking and wandering through West Side and stopping in for some candy, we wandered back to the Marketplace side of DTD. My dad went back and moved the van to the Marketplace parking lot because the wind really picked up and it appeared that Disney magic was losing to Mother Nature :angry: . DS and I went into Lego Land to play again while we waited to see what the storm would do. We didn’t have to wait long. All of a sudden people started coming in soaking wet. When I looked outside I could not see the DVC resort across the lake from DTD because it was raining so hard! Of course THIS is when DS’s stomach problems kicked in again so it was a mad dash through the driving rain to get over to McDonalds to use the restroom. Luckily the storm did not last too long and we made it out to the van relatively dry. By that time it was time to eat again.

We decided to take a break from Disney food and instead went to TGI Friday’s at the Crossroads shopping center for dinner. The food was good, but it wasn’t, you know, Disney.

So back to the resort for the night. We got back early and I think we were all asleep by 10:00. DS’s stomach problems and the long days were finally catching up with us.

Next…the FINAL episode for this trip :sad: .

Oh, by the way, did I mention that my mom is a nurse practitioner so every time DS started feeling really sick he told DW and me to “Go get Mom-mom…she’s almost a doctor, she’ll know how to make me feel better” :angel:

Sometimes he is just sooooo cute!


Aweee!! Great TR! I cannot wait to read the rest! Do you have any pictures…we’d all love to seem them?


Ok by now I have to ask - did you give the kid any Pepto or Imodium??? I mean, what if poor little DS had a sudden need right after you got on the Safari?:pinch:


Sorry about your sons troubles but it still sounds like you had a wonderful time