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Although we have been back for a few weeks now we are finally getting back into the swing of things, sort of. :blush: But I figured I would write a recap, now bare with me as I have never done one before and I don’t know how great this will really be! :eek: (I’m the one sitting in the back of the room quietly hoping not to be called on in class :blush: )

[B]Day 1[/B] began at about 12:30am! Our 2 year old daughter woke us up actually even earlier not feeling well, about 9pm, we had all gone to bed early since our goal was to be up about 1am! So from about 9pm on and off we had been up with her and finally by 12:30am I threw in the towel and figured mine as well get up and get going :ohmy:
Our 8 hour (based on a perfect world with no stopping or traffic) drive began about 1:45am…pretty much smooth sailing making it down to Orlando around 10:30am/11:00am.
Our first night stay was a non-disney hotel; Clarion Inn & Suites At International Drive in Orlando. We figured since it was our day driving down and we probably would be exhausted mine as well use our Free Military tickets over at Sea World. So that is exactly what we did! First about the hotel; to say you get what you pay for is an understatement. Once we were checked in, we went to check out our room…on a positive note we had paid for a standard room and some how we were upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite with a patio walkout to the pool!! However after unpacking everything for only one night; amazing how much stuff you need when you have children! :laugh: , I heard a noise near the patio door and noticed that the security bar had just fallen off…hmmm…so my husband checked it out and come to find out the security bar had broken off and the door lock was broken; oh great so now anyone can just walk into our room from the pool! :angry: So my husband went down to the front desk and notified them they changed our room to the second floor; again another one bedroom suite, however this one smelt of mold and mildew :angry: although at least the bathroom in this one was cleaner and there was not hair under the sheets, just on top of the blankets! :mad: I told my husband just forget it we had already moved everything and it was getting later and we were meeting family over at Sea World.

We packed our daughter up and headed over to Sea World. Our hotels shuttle service was not working; of course! :glare: They told us we could take the trolley but we opted to just walk. The walk was nothing but it would have been nice if the side walk did not just end and make you cross the road three times! So we got there around 12:30ish and of course there had to be a HUGE line to get our tickets…can you see how my luck works. LOL Finally once we were in and we met up with my aunt we decided to make our way to the new penguin encounter. Although we did stop along the way and saw the fish at the Manta ride. The line at the Penguin ride said it was about a 45 minute wait; we decided to wait and actually it was a total of 45 minutes by the time we were getting off the ride. The line kept moving which was really nice especially with a 2 year old who does not like to wait! The ride was cute although we sat in the back row which was a mistake because my 2 year old could not see anything because the seats in front are very high. After that we decided to go eat at the Terrace Garden Buffet; as it was beginning to mist a bit so we decided maybe it would pass while we ate. The food was okay; if we were to go back to Sea World I would not spend the money and dine there again. After we ate we decided to head over to Shamu’s Happy Harbor however the rides had been shutdown because lightening was in range; here comes the bad luck again…so we decided to figure out what might be open. As we are standing there figuring it out, the wind picked up quite a bit so we decided we would go over to Wild Artic Flight and do the walk through side to wait out the storm that seemed to be coming in. After coming out of the Wild Artic which our daughter LOVED! It was raining buckets of what and thunder & lightening! REALY!!! We waited under an over hang across the way hoping it would pass after about 45 minutes of waiting and the rain not letting up we decided to start making our way to the gate because it seemed like luck was really not on our side. Of course by the time we made it back to our hotel, drenched the rain had stopped! :glare: We grabbed fast food and decided that we would just relax in the room and hope for a better day 2! We were all asleep by 7p! LOL


Sorry there are not more pictures from Sea World…


So was your DD sick or just excited?

I can’t imagine being up all night, drive 8 hrs and then go to sea world.


Day 2 Our day started around 6:30am; eager to leave and get over to Disney! We got ready and headed downstairs for the hotels Continental Breakfast; the food was average however your choice of beverage was water or coffee unless you wanted to pay $2 a glass for juice. Apparently I have had it all wrong all these years, apparently continental breakfast does not mean your juice is included. :huh: Anyways after breakfast we packed up the car and decided to make our way over to Disney; we had a few stops prior, had to pick up some more Tylonel for our daughter and try to get all the bird poop off our car, apparently the birds had a party on it while wee were sleeping.

So we made our way over to Disney’s All Star Movies Resort; the parking lot to check in was empty! YAY! :laugh: We head inside and get in the line marked Online Check-in…which I had done 11/10 days prior to arrival. Of course the Cast Member asks for ID but then tells me that we did not do online check-in. So she makes a call…in the mean time I open up my emails on my phone to show her my confirmation email telling me my online check-in was processed. But she decided giving me attitude was a better idea. :angry: After she hung up the phone I asked her if that means my requests/preferences were not in the system; she tells me no they are there. :huh: If shes telling me my online check-in did not go through then how are my preferences there?? :confused: Anyways, so she tells me that there was no clean rooms available for standard rooms in the areas I requested so they did a complimentary upgrade to a preferred room, however if I want a specific area next time I will need to pay the preferred rate. Little does she know this is not my first rodeo and I am well aware of what I paid for and what I requested LOL. So our room was in the 101 Dalmatians area…my daughter was on cloud 9!! More still to come for Day 2…


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1138044]So was your DD sick or just excited?

I can’t imagine being up all night, drive 8 hrs and then go to sea world.[/QUOTE]

She had this wet cough…thinking she was over tired and maybe caught a little something from hourly care but she seem to have overcome it within a few days, no fever or anything alarming.

It was exhausting but some how we managed it LOL


Our drive is anywhere from 13 to 15 hours depending on the kids and how well I am functioning. I LOVE driving those early morning hours and having the family wake up near WDW. We usually pull into Orlando area at sunrise. Im getting older though and that drive is getting tough.

Looks like daughter is having a good time.


I’m enjoying your TR so far! Keep it coming please.

Your daughter is precious, so darn cute! Love the pics.


Great trip report, can’t wait to read more. How old is your daughter? She is very cute!


Yeah! Trip report! Thanks for the information!


Nice report,nice pics, stay strong friend


Good TR! Weird that they lost your online check in…I’ve never heard of that happening.


We’ve not had our online checkin lost, but we once we had put down a credit card and it wasn’t applied to the account. We got our packet, went to lunch and found out our key card didn’t work for charging. Good thing we had credit cards with us. :eek: Back to the desk, they said no card was put on the account, even though I had the print out.


[QUOTE=Goodegirl2007;1138051]I’m enjoying your TR so far! Keep it coming please.

Your daughter is precious, so darn cute! Love the pics.[/QUOTE]

Thank you!


She is 2 going on 16 LOL


That is because only the unthinkable would happen to me! :laugh:


Sorry for the break in posts have to do this when my 2 year old daughter is otherwise occupied and not needing Mommy’s attention :laugh:

Day 2 continued… Our room had a working refrigerator!! Surprise!! Surprise!! Was so happy to see this!! Once we unpacked the car and put all our groceries away. We brought breakfast for every morning and all our snacks to cut down on some costs and my picky 2 year old that is going through not wanting to eat anything phase! :glare: Anyways once we were unpacked we decided to go check out the Toy Story area; we were trying to waste some time because my Mom was also joining us but she was flying in from MA so we had to wait for her arrival off the Magical Express…


More Toy Story…


Then Mom a.k.a Mimi arrived off Magical Express…since we moved we only see Mom a few times a year and through Skype…our daughter Hailey was beyond excited!!


After Mom’s arrival about noon…we decided to go off property and check out the Disney Warehouse over at the outlets. We grabbed a few good deals but it seemed like they were a little on the sparse side which I had heard it was a hit or miss, still happy we made the trip over. After the outlets we decided to head over to Downtown Disney to grab an early dinner. We opted for T-Rex because Hailey has an odd fascination with Dinosaurs. The food was very good Mom & Hubby had the steak & cheese and I had the pulled pork. For Picky Hailey I asked the waiter if they could make her a grilled cheese even though it was not on the menu; our waiter went and asked; came back and told us they would be happy to accommodate that request. :happy: No complaints on food and/or service. We always like it here and always make it a must stop when we go since we are never disappointed. :happy: After T-Rex we went back to the hotel as Hailey really wanted to go swimming so we all suited up and went for a swim. The pool at first was really empty but after a bit it became rather crowded, apparently people didn’t get the memo that it was our pool time! :laugh: After our swim we showed Mom around the hotel complex and decided to call it an early night because we were planning on being up for 5:45am! OH BOY! :huh:


Day 3 Alarm went off at 5:45am…no sleeping in today…we were all ready to go and down at our car for 7:15am! Perfect! We were heading to Animal Kingdom for Early Extra Magic Hours. We opted to drive our car figuring we might get a jump on waiting in line for the bus, from prior experience. Once we were in the park we headed straight for the Safari…no wait, we got right on! SCORE! We saw lots of animals however a little disappointed because the giraffes had not made it out yet so we missed them :crying: And I must say I really don’t care for the new Safari…it seems to be really lacking now :frown: