A Little Bite of DISNEY in Central PA!


I tried, I really did, but having to work the MagicMeet event keep me really busy - Just ask Val. But here we go.

MissSMIG and I tried to leave home by 8 a.m. on Friday 7/18 - we were all packed (snacks included) when we got to the car and I noticed… I HAD A FLAT TIRED… Oh I was so mad, you see DH drove my car the day before, his car needed to be taken to the mechanic. I tried to change the tired, but couldn’t get the lug nuts off, then I decided to call AAA - they took about 35 minutes to get to my house, with tired changed, I was off… No not to Harrisburg, to get the tire fixed, so MissSMIG and I sat and sat and sat for another hour or so - Finally we were on the road at around 10:30 AM - so now I am behind schedule, we had plans to stop and pick up a few more snacks and some misc. items that we needed.

We were finally off, we stopped to get some drinks then onto Rt. 33 towards Rt. 22 - since it was almost 11 a.m. by then the traffic on both 33 and 22 were light, I was making good time, then we hit 78 - we were cruising along when we noticed a sign “Accident Ahead” - crap just what I need, another slow down, it was now around 11:30 and I told Colleen (MagicMeets staff) that I would meet her at about noon - we all know that that didn’t happen. So we finally got to the accident, I heard it was a MAJOR accident people were medie vaced out - but all MissSMIG and I could see was a Target semi in the woods, at first I thought it was a bill board, but NO IT WAS A SEMI… Knowing that TinkFan was not far behind me, I called to give her a heads up.

We were going to go right to the Radisson, but then I decided we would head over to the Residence Inn and check in, I have no idea what time we would be getting back from the Radisson. So we checked in, our room was ready but we didn’t stop to take our luggage in and off to MagicMeets we were.

It was about 1:30 pm, but the time we got to the Radisson, after a quick stop at McDonald’s for some food we headed in and started with setup.

Here is MissSMIG play with the Mice.

Another Look…

And what is the tower…


MissSMIG handy work at the MagicMeets table…


Colleen put us both to work. SMIGGERS working on the Towe of Mice, I was doing whatever needed to be done - event prep my speciality. We were chatting, listening to WDWToday’s Podcast and watching Fred Block zoom around on his Segway.

I got a big hug from Deb and her gang from Allears.net, Steve Barrett (Mr. Hidden Mickey), Lou Mongello from WDWToday and his “DREAM TEAM”, Mike Scopa, Justin Muchoney (Our Chief Magical Officer) was there too.

Passporter, Disney Guide To Magic, Mouse Surplus, oh there were more sponsors but I just can’t remember right now. Many of these people I meet last year, and I couldn’t believe that they remembered me, not my name, but remember that I was at the event last year… I must make some impression (not sure what type but an impression).

Here are some of the booths…


A few more…


After setup, I had was working Friday night Registration - they had a wonderful event featuring Deb from Allears…


It was about 9:30 when MissSMIG and I went off to our little home away from home, we knew we had to be back early the next day for registration and last minute setup…

We got up around 6am - the hotel had breakfast starting at 7:00 am and I had to be back at the Radisson around 7:30-7:45 so we eat and left for the event…

MissSMIG hanging out before the main event…

Renee - Fred’s wife…

HERE’ Fred…


Some of my MagicMeets friends.


Look it’s am Imageneer…


Anyone want to take a guess… Who is Who…


Okay here you go… MissSMIG, Myself, Ariel (TinkFan Friend - I know she is on the site but can’t remember her screen name) - Princess Alyssia, Tinkfan and Val.


Thanks for the pics Dee. Looks like they had a good turn out.


Well I don’t have many more pictures, but I have permission from a few friends to post their links for the event but let me tell you who else I meet…

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Magic Meets 07/19/08 - a set on Flickr

Two of the DISNEY MOM PANEL were there… Kim from PA - she is a lovely woman, I meet her husband and kid, and Bret our only Dad on the panel… he was really nice, we were chatting while he purchased his DVD from me (one of my many jobs).

And of course I got to chat with JUSTIN our CMO - Chief Magical Officer and his wife.

OH I almost forgot, we got to meet Karliebug and her family (sorry Kelly).

There were prices to be won… Val made out like a bandit, Alyssia won a bunch of books from I think it was from WDW but not sure and two beautiful Frames.

I won the Castle cookie jar on the table - I was happy about that… I told Colleen that was all I wanted and I WON!!! Oh Happy Me!!

Then we say our Good Byes - which made me sad - I really love hanging with Val she is a great friend.

Anyway, MissSMIG and I had to hang out a while, Fred was giving the Staff an Ice Cream Social, so we eat ice cream and waiting for the 8 pm Pin Trading event to start. I was beat… just ready to put my head down and sleep, but SMIGGERS was trading and I didn’t want to stop her, she asked me 6 times, if I wanted to leave and I keep saying keep trading I am alright… Finally we left at around 9:30 or so.

We got back to the hotel settled in for the night, knowing that we had to get up early again, I was working the Sunday Breakfast event registration. We were up and out by 6:15 am - bags packed and off to the Radisson.

We got there just in time to help with the last of setup for the event. Then MissSMIG found a table - I found COFFEE (which made me VERY HAPPY) and settle in to the registration table.

The food was good, and the coffee was just what I needed. Anyway, MissSMIG won a book the 2009 Unofficial Guide… just what I needed.

After the breakfast, we said our Good Byes, hopped in the car for the ride home, of course I had to make a pit stop. We stopped of in Reading to see if I could find MissSMIG pants for school, which we did.

It is great to be home, but MagicMeets is so much fun, and I get to see people that I wouldn’t see everyday. I am so looking forward to MagicMeets 2009. Fred hasn’t announced it yet, but I am going to sign up as soon as I get my email.

Thanks for reading.


Oh Daisee it was a great turn out I think there were almost 600 people there.

It was a great event check out the links I just posted, pictures are clearer


WOW… 600… even larger than I thought. That is so cool MB’ers won some great stuff!


Val was sitting with MissSMIG and myself, I am not sure what TinkFan won… the kids even got prizes


Sounds like a fun Disney weekend, thanks for sharing it with us.


Dee that sounds like a great event. We are hoping to go to Mousesurplus on this vacation so I was interested to see they had a table at the event- lovely pictures too- and by the way I dont know the MB’ers in the photo please help!


How fun! Thanks for posting all of your pictures! I enjoyed reading too!


Looks awesome! I am glad everyone had a great time.


Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


I didn’t win anything :frown: But that’s okay. I did win a bid in the silent auction for a Winnie The Pooh cookie Jar, with 2 boxes of yummy shortbread cookies :wub:

We had such a great time. It was nice to finally meet Dee, Val, Princess Alyssa and MissSMIG!!!:happy: