A Little Bothered by Mousekeeping


Last month we stayed at Pop Century. I few things really bothered me about our Mousekeeper.

She threw away a medicine cup I had brought along for DSs liquid medicine. I just had to estimate using the cap after that. I thought maybe she thought it was oversized water bottle cap or something, but it was up on the bathroom vanity ledge. Why would she throw it away?

She also threw away a small cardboard box that had a lid that was for our camera battery charger. It was not in the trash or near the trash. I just don’t get it.

The third thing she did was on the last day she left a towel “princess” and put a sticker on it saying “princess Julie (lastname)”. My son was a little upset. Why give a towel thing for the adult and not the kid? I thought maybe she only knew how to princess, but since it was pretty big that seems odd too. It was also left the day before we left with expectation of a tip.

I don’t know, but the only thing to learn for sure is to keep important things put away and not left out. Just in case you have any medicine cups or useful boxes. :laugh:


Ugh, that sounds horrible. :pinch: Sorry for all those things happening to ya.


Maybe she was a new mousekeeper? That would explain her not really knowing what she should and shouldn’t touch and the lack of towell animal experience. I think it was nice of her to make a special princess…sorry your DS was disappointed, but sometimes it’s nice for the adults to get someting just for them right? The whole trip is about the kids, so a little thing for us is nice too. I honeslty suggest you contact pop and let them know. Perhaps they can train her better or at least stop her from throwing things away that she shouldn’t. Hey it could have been worse…she could have not cleaned instead of cleaing to well.


Yes, I agree. I really just found these things odd. I think she may have been new as well. There were some cleaning issues like not replacing the plastic cups and a used towel being left on the back of the door from the previous occupant. I’m not going to sweat it. It did not affect our overall trip.


Yeah, I think she may have been new. you really should call and let them know. You don’t have to make it sound like a complaint. Just tell them about the tossed items and tell them that you wouldn’t want her to throw out other people’s stuff. We all are new to a job at one time or another. Correcting somene when they are wrong never hurt anyone. Say someting positive about her at the end too. That way she is corrrected, but not in trouble with her boss.


What bothers me most about it is doing the towel thing the day before departure. That just smacks of solicitation.


I agree. That kind of irks me.

I’ve had Mousekeepers throw away things too, and it’s frustrating. (I once had a Mousekeeper throw away a stack of napkins, parking tickets, etc. that I was saving for a scrapbook. :eek: Yes they may look like “trash” to someone, but the fact that they were preserved nicely in a stack on the bedside table should have indicated that they were not trash!) :dry:

The next time something like that happens, definitely bring it to someone’s attention.


I don’t think I’ve ever experienced these kinds of problems. Maybe they just leave the table alone in my rooms because the computer and a camera are usually on it. We usually try to reuse towels for an extra day to do the water saving thing, but as often as not, we’ll get new towels anyway. I don’t think we get towel animals at all, must have to have a kid on the reservation I guess. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I just want my room turned down for the night when we get back from the parks with extra chocolates on the pillows. Also, I think we tend to keep the room a little neater overall. That and we pile up everything else on the spare bed!


We’ve never gotten towel animals either. Kids are free in the room, right? I’m thinking of adding a phantom “kid” to the reservation next time. :laugh: Cuz I’m just a big kid, and I’d love to get a towel animal surprise!


Just tell Mousekeeping that you’d like to see some towel animals. I’m sure that will work.


No need for the phantom kid, that sweet little baby will get you plenty of towel animals. My inlaws didn’t have a child listed in their room and they got more towel animals than we did on the last trip we took together.


Maybe they don’t do this at the deluxe hotels? Concierge? Huh?


We’ve gotten lots of towel animals at deluxe resorts.


Okay so it’s not just me. :pirate: I thought they had something against me all these times! (LOL just kidding.)


I really think it’s just luck and how much time the mousekeeper has that day/week. If someone calls in sick that day and the others have to pick up extra rooms I bet not many people get animals. If someone just checked out and left 5 or 6 in their room I bet 5-6 different rooms get animals that day. We leave most of ours in our room and I’m guessing they are reused since they aren’t really used.


I was thinking that same thing. The princess I got was pretty solid and could easily just be moved to a different room. Spread the joy I guess.

Dana, since my trip was 3 weeks ago I don’t think I even know the name of the mousekeeper to make a call. It bothered me at the time and I really should have done something about it then. Next time I will know better.


We’ve never gotten towel animals in the room:( DS did get his stuffed animals placed in great positions everyday. The only towel animals we got were the ones they were making at OPR in CBR when we would pick up something quick for breakfast.

I’ll have to ask on our next stay.


We have never had towel animals In our room either but I can honestly say we have ver had a bad experience with Housekeeping either…and fingers crossed we won’t ever either! However I would agree with Dana and say that if you are disgruntled by this situation then you realy should make a call to the resort and notify them of your disappointment, otherwise it will eat you up inside. I honestly think the Housekeeper must have been new to the job and wasn’t aware of what they should or should not touch ( and throw away!) so personally I would make the call to tell them I was disapoind that these tnhappened but at the same time not be too irate as everyone makes genuine mistakes and we have all been new to something. They obviously just need to be told to ask more questions about what they are not sure of when it comes to things like this.


We’ve ran into a few problems with Mousekeeps (Rooms not being cleaned properly, towels not being changed and no fresh soap/shampoo being left) but we found that just by lowering the tip left that day or even taking it away completly seemed to give the mousekeeper the impression we wern’t happy and they did things properly the next day. Im not saying its the way to do it but it seemed to work for us.

If I was worried about thing sbeing thrown away though Id definalty just put them all in the top drawer or wardrobe, so it’s obvious to anyone, new or old to the job that they are NOT to be thrown away.

We’ve never had towel animals but we got some cute shell towel arrangements at the AKL which was sweet. At DLP every night we returned to our rooms the teddys were always positioned n usually watching TV (The first time we walked in on this mum was a little scared that someone had actually been in watching our tv!)


JK, even though you don’t remember the name of that particular mousekeeper, all you’ll need to do is tell them which day this happened. IF you remember the room number too, that will help, but they’ll know just from your name and hotel records, they’ll know exactly who cleaned your room and probably the time as well. Mousekeeping will know exactly which CM was assigned which room. But if you’re going to say something, do it soon.