A little debate in the Chia House re:EMH


We are going to WDW Dec 18-25. I know it is a less than ideal time but it is all that works with our schedules. Before my question - a little background - It is just my DH and I. We are both young (31), healthy, want to do it all and have no problem getting up early and doing the Space Mountain Mini Marathon when they drop the ropes!!
That said, we are having a bit of a debate as to whether or not the EMH will be of any benefit. (We have already booked AKL so it won’t have any effect on our choice of resort.) Is it worth going to the park that has EMH and toughing it out for the day or possibly switching over to another park or is it better just to start the day somewhere else? (We will be relying on DIsney transportation.) Our concern with switching parks mid to late morning is that all of the fastpasses may already be gone for some of the most popular attractions and we may not accomplish a whole lot more at another park since they are all bound to be busy. As well, we were thinking that all of the parks will be crazy at this time of year and with only 2 lands open during EMH at the MK we may only get one or two things done during that hour…
As you can probably tell we have debated and considered every possible scenario! I would like to get some sort of a plan sketched out so that we can book our PSs as well as one or two tours (Keys to the Kingdom and Divequest).
So what I am looking for is some advice as to which park to visit on any given day. We will spend 5 days in WDW - probably M, T, W, Th and F. (DH wants to go to KSC on Sun.)
Hopefully my convulated message makes sense to someone out there! Thanks in advance.


The first part of your trip will still be kind of quiet(18th to the 21st or 22nd). It’s only after then that the crowds really start to come. I would do EMH and do all the attractions that you can before it gets really crowded.


Well it’s nice to know the whole time won’t be insane! I think I will leave the Keys to the Kingdom and the KSC to the end of the week so that we can get as much as possible done during the first part - thanks for the suggestion.


We did the EMH in July and it was totally worth it. We got did lots of Buzz Lightyear and all the Fantasy Land rides several times each from 8 to 10am (not space mt though due to ds being only 4) but I would say do it for sure in MK. We did not do it at any other park as we just did not compelled to do everthing at the other places.


Hello Chiasgirl- only use EMH if you actually go first thing!! AKL seems to have longer bus rides to the parks, so plan accordingly. If you oversleep and will be late for EMH, go to a different park. Our family also likes to be there waiting for the rope to drop (well, maybe DH doesn’t, but he’s a good sport). EMH is really worth it in December!


My vote would be to do EMH and stay in that park all day. That’s what we attempt to do. But the consensus of opinion on the matter as far as the “authorities” go is to go to EMH at one park, do those rides, and then skip to another park. (Apparently everyone tries to make EMH, misses it, so winds up at that park mid-day/late morning.)

Or you could plan to hit MGM and AKL in the afternoons, and start off at an EMH park. That way you get the jump on everyone else by going to the EMH, maximizing your morning hours, then lunch somewhere (thus having left the EMH park once it becomes very crowded), then onto MGM/AKL which empty out in the afternoons (once again, avoiding crowds).


That time of the year is VERY quiet. I would not worry about FP’s being gone or crouds. The only reason you may see crouds is Mousefest! They choose a park to go to, so if you want to acvoid crouds find out more about Mouysefest. I am not sure of the exact site, but you can find out about it on allearsnet.com