A little Disney at home!


I ordered these off DisneyShopping.com the other day. I was so excited when they arrived. This used to be a completely grassy area with some cracked slate stones. I hate doing yard work, but I did this all by myself. I’m pretty proud of it. Now if I can only get my husband to do something about the grass. :laugh:


Very nice!!: You did a great job!:happy:

I just ordered some stuff from there too, I got a new mailbox. They are having some great sales.


They are too cool. I may look into getting a few of those.


Oh my gosh, it looks AWESOME!!! How did you do it?


Super cute! It’s like Mickey’s welcoming you home!


Thanks everyone!

It was actually really easy, Wish.

First, I took a shovel and put it under the old slate stones and lifted. They came up incredibly easy. Then, I figured out the shape I wanted the walk to be in and edged it with the shovel. I pushed down about two inches just by stepping on the shovel. When I got two inches deep, I lifted up on the grass. Once the first chunk of grass came up, I used a planting shovel (a little handheld) to reach under the rest of the grass at that two inch below the soil level and got the rest of it up, chunk by chunk. Finally, I took some landscaping fabric and cut it to the shape of the walk and laid it out over the dirt to prevent grass from growing.

Then, I went to Home Depot and bought 3 bags of pea pebbles. This cost about $8 total. When I got back home, I positioned the Mickey stepping stones exactly where I wanted them and poured the pea pebbles to fill in the rest of the walk.

Believe me, if I could do this by myself, anyone can do this! I only wish I would have taken a before picture. Oh well! I love my new Mickey walk. As bali said, I feel like Mickey is welcoming me home every time I go in our back door.


Very cute!!! Great Job!


Great Job! Looks great.


Nice job, it looks great.


How cute that is, you did a good job. A really nice sight to come home to.:wub:


That’s so cute. I think you did a great job :mickey:


Very cute!


How cute!! “Follow The Mickey Mouse Road”:laugh:


What a great idea.


Oh, that is fun!

… and my grass is a bane of my existence, too. :glare:


How creative! It looks great.


Thank you for all the wonderful comments. They really mean a lot to me.


If I can give a tip? One of those: I didn’t do it and they broke. Make sure you have something (like the pea gravel or sand) underneath Mickeys.

Mine were hollow in the back and after time, with out the support, they broke. Since they are on sale, I bought replacements and now need to fetch some sand and lay them properly.


Great job- they look fabulous!


Thanks for the tip, Boss Mouse!

I am going outside now to reinforce them.