A little Disney trivia


I’m reading this great biography about Walt Disney. A little Disney trivia for you…

  1. What city was Disneyland originally going to be located in?

  2. Walt Disney was a chain smoker. What brand did he smoke?

  3. About how long until Disneyland greeted it’s 1 millionth guest?

  4. About how long until Disneyland greeted it’s 25 millionth guest?

  5. Which movie was a critical flop but now considered a Disney classic?

I’ll post the answers later on…


[QUOTE=packerbeth;886455]Which book are you reading? I’m working on the huge tome by Gabler; fascinating!

The answer to #5 is Snow White right?[/QUOTE]

That’s one I’m reading! Absolutely great! Long, I’ve been reading it for almost 2 months now.

And no, Snow White was a huge hit!

  1. Burbank ( A few blocks from the studio). Calabasas was also considered (current home to Legoland, CA)

  2. Camel non-filter

  3. A little more than two months after opening (end of September)

  4. I wrote the question wrong! I don’t know how long until the 25 millionth. I wanted to ask 10 millionth. This took about 2 1/2 years.

  5. Well, there have been a couple - Bambi was one, Sleeping Beauty another.