A Little Funny


From my 4 year old. When looking through his Disney book and picking out the rides he wants to go on again when we go back, and asking if he’s tall enough for certain rides, he got to a page and told me he wanted to go to “Filthy Magic” I wasn’t sure what it was, so I looked at his book, and found he wanted to go see Philharmagic. He calls it filthy magic lol. Just a little Disney funny.


LOL! :happy: That is too cute!

DD2 talks about “Matt-tur-hurrrn” all the time. She can’t seem to say “horn” so Matterhorn becomes Matterhurrrrrrnnnn. Makes it an extra syllable or two! :laugh:


At our house- for years we had the TOwer of Tear. (to be read like tear a piece of paper)…


:slight_smile: Those are so cute! I love it! Filthy Magic! I love how little ones mix things up sometimes!
Ours was and still is Ty-toon Lagoon…

I think I posted this before but when DD was little after that same long trip at WDW, on the way home we were waiting in line at Mc Donald’s or something and standing there absolutely exhausted she says. “mommy, can’t we please get a fast-pass??”
We still laugh about that when in lines!!!


hahaha, I love that! “Filthy-Magic!” :laugh:


LOL!!! Filthy magic…adorable!!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: