A little good new for those worried about skyrocketing airfare:


MissDisney, thank you for showing me this article! Let’s hope it helps me get to Port Canaveral next year for my cruise cheaper than the $500 fare the airlines are showing now! :pinch:

Latest Airfare Hikes May Not Last - AOL Money & Finance


Congrats wishy and good eye miss disney! Hope everyone who is looking finds a fair price!


Wishy did you try Airtran??? Just a thought!


That is good news!

Rates from FL to NJ aren’t too bad . . . $208 each round trip Continental -Thanksgiving week . . . leaving the Tuesday before and returning the Saturday after!


I tried airtran and it said…

“We’re sorry. There are no available flights for the selected date. You may have searched for flights that are already full, or for cities to which we do not offer connecting service, or for future dates for which we have not yet published our schedule.”

I am assuming it might be too early on airtran for April '09


I really only fly Continental and for the flight we need in April '09 it’s still showing over $400. :pinch: Our dates in Octobver are showing that $208 rate though. I think I am just in a pinch because it’s next Spring Break, who knows. :glare:


I sure hope the prices start to drop! Right now for our Christmas trip, It is nearly $500 a person for us to fly. I don’t want to miss MVMCP, but if the price of flights doesn’t drop we will have to drive and miss it.:crying:


I think you are looking too far out . . . give it a little time . . . and it will come down I’m sure!

Last year (I just checked) we flew March 4-11 and it was $218 each round trip PBI to EWR . . . I booked those tickets in January BTW! Of course most people are flying TOO FL for Spring break . … not away from it!! :laugh: :laugh: