A little help please


OK - So DD and I are going for a week in July. We have a deal on free counter service dining plan, but we’re upgrading to the regular plan. We have never used the dining plan, so we’re anxious to try it.

We already know some of the restaurants at which we want to eat, but we always want to try new ones too.

For new places, we’re considering Yac & Yetti’s, Brown Derby (dinner or lunch), Ohana (breakfast), Chef Mickey’s (breakfast). Any other suggestions? (we’re big breakfast people)…

We’re there six nights. Any dining plan advice? Also, name some of your fave counter service places…



From our personal experience, we really enjoyed the Yak & Yeti. The counter service is very good, but its nice to go into the restaurant on hot summer day and enjoy the air conditioning, as well as the very interesting decor.

Ohana for breakfast has always been hit or miss for us. Either we have a wonderful experience or a really poor one. Never in between. And, almost always it is because of the server.


It really depends if your into the character dinings, if you are 1900 park fare lunch or dinner is one of my favorites.


My list is not the same as some. 1.) I haven’t been to a ton of the sit downs like some. 2.) Service is always a factor for me.

Crystal Palace was great for lunch, characters all came around etc, service was pretty decent considering CP was jammed packed full of people.

Tutto Italia was fantastic for me. I’ve only been there once, but my in laws and dh many many times. They too say it’s been great any time they’ve gone.

Cinderella’s Royal table was great the 1 time dd#1 went, great the 3x’s neice#1 went.

Sci Fi Dine In was good to me. A lot of people hate it for many different reasons. Maybe my standards are lower?:laugh: I don’t expect 5 star dining from a place serving hundred of people within a few hours in the dark, plus it was COLD in there. A great break from the 100* it was outside.

Chef Mickey’s I never ate at, dh said it was ok, but he’s also not a huge b-fast person and he probably would have liked it more as another meal. The kids loved it though.

Liberty Tree Tavern was decent per dh and dd#1 and cool per ds#1. I’d do it if we had the DDP w/ TS again.

Sommerfest CS in Germany in Epcot is really good per dh. I personally am not a fan of German food.

Peco’s Bills in MK is pretty good CS too. I have yet to have a bad meal there. So it’s been a fave CS for us.

Liberty Inn had really good CS our last trip, and we were shocked we’d never tried it before. It’s a must on our next trip.

We’ve eaten from many carts and a few other CS places that the names escape me at the moment. Cosmic Rays is ALWAYS jammed packed when we go by so any time we’ve attempted we’ve given up.

Good Luck!


Crystal palace does a great bfast in my opinion. Something for you to consider. YAK and Yeti is an excellent choice. We tried this last year and have it booked so we can go there again for lunch.

Fav counters: Sunshine seasons at Epcot, wolfgang puck express at DTD market place, backlot express at HS, Earl of sandwich, cosmic rays at the MK and we really like the foodcourt at POFQ.


Kona Cafe is our favourite breakfast - in fact, it’s a tradition for us to have our first breakfast of our vacation there. We often stay at OKW and really love the breakfast at Olivia’s.

We really enjoyed Yak & Yeti too. Some “different” places that we like are Tokyo Dining in Japan at Epcot, and the Turf Club at Saratoga Springs.


Seeing you like breakfast a lot, I would recommend Boma at AKL, Jambo House. They have a huge buffet that is wonderful.


Columbia harbor house, caseys, wolf gang puck express are great counter service options.

Ohana for dinner is one of my fav’s!!

Have fun!


My favorite CS locations are: Cosmic Rays, Pizzafari, Wolf Gang Puck Express

For breakfast we really like Donald’s Breakfasoraus at AK Get an early ADR and you are right there at safari when the park opens.


We never really paid much attention to CS on past trips, but being on the DDP for the first time this coming trip we certainly are…

My suggestion is to go look at all the menu’s and choose accordingly…

Everyone has different tastes and such, but on that same note…if you come accross places NOT mentioned or recommended by others…probably best to steer clear…

Our family loves breakfast at CRT, this will be our 3rd time…we also have a tradition of having breakfast at Kona Cafe on our last day…Rainforest Cafe has great breakfast as well…but not on DDP…

As for Dinner…Ohana hands down is our fav…also love WCC, Cape May Cafe Seafood, just so much good food and places to get it at…hard to pin it down…we are trying T-Rex this go around, even though not on DDP…because DS9 is a HUGE dinosaur fan…

Have fun and enjoy no matter what you decide on…planning is half the fun!!!


Garden Grill is our favorite character interaction. We also like Crystal Palace.

For CS, we like Cosmic Rays for MK and Sunshine Seasons for Epcot.


One word: KONA. Not a better breakfast in all of Disney to us. Crystal Palace is great too, but Kona rules all! If there can be only one, it is Kona.