A little nervous to ride Mission: Space at Epcot now


I was reading the Walt Disney World Unofficial Guide planning my trip to Disney World for next year (I know. WAY early) and I started reading the ride description for Mission: Space. Then, I run across this sentence:
…Mission: Space was one of the hottest tickets at Walt Disney World until two guests died after riding it.


Then I get curious, started doing some research, and found out 194 other people were treated by paramedics!
Incidents at Disney parks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I’ve NEVER been one to be scared to ride anything at a theme park or a carnival, but because SO MANY people have been affected by this ride I’m feeling a little uneasy about trying it during my visit…

And I don’t wanna short hand the ride and do the non spinning side…

Has anyone rode Mission: Space? How did it make you feel? Would you do it again or recommend it? Did you survive? lol


I’ve never ridden Mission Space so can’t help personally, although my DH and DD have and they were fine. They said it is like nothing else they’ve ever been on. I do know of someone though who absolutely hated every moment of it.
The thing is, there is a pre show apparently, and if you do have last minute second thoughts there is always the option to leave.


I am not a huge fan of the ride as I don’t like spinning. I don’t remember what side I went on but I remember thinking that I didn’t want to ride it again. I think it was the tame side.


Orange side made me very very sick! I should have known since I am very susceptible to having problems with spinning motion.

Green side is no problem. Go and have fun.


DW and I did this once…the full version…we almost didn’t, due to the more-than-usual warnings posted. We won’t do it again, neither side. I don’t wait a whole year between WDW trips to take the risk of getting sick from one attraction…I’ve never been one who goes to WDW for the rides.


Are you healthy? If so you should not have a problem. Most of the medical/accidents injuries are due to someone that already had a condition or broke a rule.

I have ridden MS a number of time (orange and green). The orange side makes me sick for a good 30 minutes to an hour afterwards (I don’t do well spinning) the green side is fine…but less thrilling.

If you are in good health and can handle those spinning rides at a fair you should have no problem with MS. I personally think it is a great thrill ride and I’m a little disappointed I get sick on it.

(If you do ride it make sure you stare at the screen the whole time. Disney does a great job of tricking your inner ear)


Orange side made me feel sick for a couple of hours after I rode. Headache, nausea. The next time we went I did Green side and it was no problem.

My advice is if you feel sick with any spinning, ride Green. Its still really fun, but you don’t feel awful afterward!


It’s so hard to say how it will affect you because everyone is different. I’ve only done the green side because I’m chicken to try orange. DH has done both and said the orange side wasn’t drastically different than the green side. And this is from someone who doesn’t do well on spinning rides AT ALL. I say now that I’ll try the orange side next time but once I’m standing in line . . . who knows. :mellow:


Seriously, do the math. 200 sick people (2 terminally) divided into tens of thousands of riders. It is a safe ride if you are healthy. It can make your stomach all jibbity jibbity, but I think you should experience it at least once.


We did the orange side our first time on it. Myself DH and DS were all fine DD who was 8 said never again, she cried “it hurts” the entire ride!!! She likes the green side though!!! That’s my kid!! Hates the ride but will do it again and again!!! We probably will never do the orange side again though


The things that I would take into consideration is being healthy and how susceptible you are to motion sickness. I ride the orange side and am fine. I actually don’t think it’s any different than any other ride…it’s not even that intense in my opinion. But, my DH rode the orange side once and felt like crap the whole rest of the day. He couldn’t get rid of the dizziness. Let me tell you, with all the warnings they post up, I get freaked out every time I have to stand in line for that ride. I almost chicken out and then once I ride it, I think “next time I will not be scared!”. HA! Yeah right. :blush: They definitely cover the bases with their warnings. No one can say they weren’t warned! :laugh: But, really if you’re healthy and don’t usually get motion sick, you’ll be fine. You can always do the green side if you’re worried so you don’t completely miss the ride.


well I do mission space once every trip,yes it made me feel a little strange but that lasted for about 5-10 minutes after,but like I said once a trip


I have been on it, as well as my 5 yr old son, my 9 yr old son, and wife. My 9 yr old loves it and has ridden it several times. My 5 yr old didn’t have an issue, but he couldn’t really see the screen…My wife rode it once (the light version) and will never ride it again. She deals with vertigo and the ride kicks it in gear.

I having gotten a light case of “car sickness” feeling, but never felt anything other than that…but I can see how people with motion sickness issues would get VERY sick.


It is basically a big spinning ride… it can cause motion sickness in some people. I have ridden both sides. I did notice the fast side, but I have only ridden it a few times. I ride the slower side with my kids… and I can hardly tell the difference.

The trick to this ride is not to take your eyes off the screen… it is a recipe for trouble.


Basically, if you are afraid of the spinning Orange side, take the non spinning Green side.
The Green side does not spin and is not much more aggressive than Star Tours or Body Wars.
The spinning side has actually been tamed 3 times since opening and since the last major incident, there have been no more fatalities. As noted elsewhere, the people who die on thrill rides like coasters and spinners have undetected heart and brain problems.
Millions have ridden Mission Space with no problem.


I could go on the highest inverted roller coaster and never have an issue, but put me on spinning tea-cups and i lose it. My first bad experience i can remember was a Tilt-A-Whirl at a local fair. :blow:

Since then, all spinning rides are Taboo.

Sandy loves Mission Space:Orange
Keith loves Mission Space: Green :laugh:

She rides with El Wimpo on Green and then i sit in the sun and bake while she goes on Orange solo.


My DD and I rode it before they changed it to the Orange and Green sides and she was “no good” the rest of the afternoon after riding it. I am an avid roller coaster fan and this ride ranks up there with any ride I have ever ridden and I am a frequent guest at Cedar Point so I know coasters and you other MB’ers in the midwest know what I mean. If you have any motion sickness problems at all I would highly recommend that you avoid the Orange side. Ya know I don’t like that they did that to this great ride. Anyone else agree?


I never had a problem with it. I’d do it least once. Disney has millions of visitors. The odds are that people will have health problems while there. I’m sure there have been incedents at the mall, but thats not newsworthy.


First two times I rode it, I was fine. The third time I felt dizzy and sick afterwards. So sick we had to forego our ADR - I wouldn’t have been able to eat anything. Never tried it again. Although there are warnings all over the place, a lot of people have conditions they aren’t even aware of - so you just never know, I suppose. If you’re nervous about it, stick to the green side.


What I would like is, now that they have the non spinning green simulators, to see them dial the yellow side back up a little.
Or… there are 4 simulator chambers, make one “red” which would be either the version 2 or version 3 orange, one or two orange, and two or one green. I don’t know which is the more popular side currently, but that’s the one that you need to have in two chambers.

PS:Wouldn’t it be great if Disney built something like Millenium Force in Orlando?